The Nerds

Olivia and Hannah were good friends at Northwest Christian College.. of course they were the pretty popular girls at school..everyone loved them..what will happen when they meet the nerds? will they fall for them? i guess you have to read to find out!!


2. Luke's House

Olivia was on Skype with Hannah like always and see gets a text from a number it was Luke .. "shit Hannah I'll call you later" she says ending the call and changing and goes to Luke's house.. she knocks on the door and a lady answers.. "hello" the lady smiles.. "hi I'm Olivia." Olivia smiles.. "I'm liz.. who are you here for?" Olivia bites her lip.. "Luke?" liz smiles and calls Luke from upstairs.. she sees this guy come from down the hallway.. with no glasses a lip piercing with a green day shirt on with his hair in a quff.. "Luke is that you?"Olivia says biting her lip.. Luke tells his mum to go.. and he smiles "hey." Olivia was shocked.. Luke was a nerd like 3 hours ago.. and now he was like a heartthrob.. "hey ready to stuff babe?" Luke asks.. she nods and walk pass the kitchen.. "okay mum! I'm gonna go help Olivia with her math." liz sighs.. "okay Luke.. don't do anything stupid" they go up to Luke's room and sees his older brother jack.. "woah Luke who's this?" jack asks.. Luke smiles.. "Olivia.. meet my asshole of a brother Jack." "hey I'm Jack!!!" Jack laughs walking into his room and closing the door.. they walk in this room full of band posters "good charlotte" Olivia smiles.. Luke looks back at her getting his math book.. "you know who they are?" he asks.. she nods "I love them.. and Fall out boy.. all time low is my favourite" he smiles "so is mine!!" they laugh and sit on Luke's bed and start to study.. "okay so if you do this to this and subtract this you get 34." luke tells her.. she sighs.. "I kinda get it.." he nods and continues.. but Olivia wasn't paying any attention to it.. she was looking at him.. and thinking.. "what the fuck how is he so hot but he's the nerd.." then she heard Luke.. "the answer is 765" he says looking at her.. "Olivia?" she shakes her head.. "yeah?" "did you get that?" she sighs.. "I hate math!" Luke bites his lip.. "what will help you understand it?" Olivia bites her lip and looks down.. "I'm not sure.." Luke sits down cris cross and messes with his book.. "I'll be willing to do whatever it takes." he tells her.. she smiles and looks up.. "every answer you get right... " he sighs.. "what happens if I get it right Luke?" he smirks.. "you get a kiss.." she smiles and nods.. "let's do this!!!!" he laughs and goes to the homework and starts it.. Olivia looks at the paper and bites her lip.. Luke had already did his homework.. "the answer for 14 is 3,457" she tells him.. he looks at his paper... "thats right." she smiles and he gets up and gets something.. he comes back and gives her the kiss chocolate.. she sighs and looks at him.. "oh I thought you meant a real kiss.." she looks down.. Luke smiles.. "that too babe" he smiles and pecks her lip.. she smiles.. "woah Luke.." he bites his lip and scratches the back of his neck.. she smiles and continues the homework. after a few mins.. "27 is 3.127" She bites her lip and Luke smiles and kisses her again.. she smiles.. she was liking where this was going.. Luke bites his lip and looks at her while she does the homework.. he thinks.. "damn 2 kisses from this girl.. I should tutor her a lot more" he notice She was finished with the next problem.. "12 is 76.34" she says looking up.. he nods and kisses her again.. but this time even longer. they both liked it a lot... Olivia had wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer.. he was slowly wrapping his arms around her waist.. Luke had the biggest grin on his face and they hear the door open and pull away seeing Luke's mom.. "LUKE!!!" she yells.. olivia bites her lip gathering her things and Luke turns red.. "mum!! why did you walk in??" he asks her with anger.. "I wanted to tell you something.." she says softly.. Luke bites his lip seeing olivia get up.. "sorry mrs.Hemmings I'll be going bye Luke." she says walking out of the room.. "mum I really liked her too.." he says looking down.. she sighs.. "I'm sorry.." She says and Luke runs after her.. "Olivia!!!" he runs out side seeing her walking down the street... he runs to her.. "hey I'm sorry about my mum babe.." she sighs.. "it's fine.. I didn't mean to get you in trouble.." she tells him.. he smiles "you didn't get me in trouble babe.." she sighs and looks down.. "I should get going Luke.." he nods.. "ill see you at school?" he asks.. she nods and Luke walks home to his mum.. "Luke I'm really sorry about walking in.." she explained.. "bye mum." he says going to his room.. he sighs and puts his mathbook away..

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