Tour L.R.H

After Sam breaks up with her boyfriend her mom makes her go on tour with her brother. Will she find love or will she get her heart broken again. Read to find out


1. 0.1

Sam's POV

I've been waiting 1 hour for my boyfriend Chad to pick me up for your 1 year anniversary date! So I decided to go to his house to see if we was okay, when I got there I knocked on the door. No answer. I tried opening it and it was unlocked. I went to the kitchen, he wasn't there. So I went to the lounge, he wasn't there. But then when I got to his room I opened the door and, I saw him fucking my best friend!!!! After about 5 seconds of me staring he saw me and the hurt in my eyes.

"How could you do this to me!!" I started to cry, then I ran home.

When I got home I went strait to my room, running past Ashton and his mates. I locked my door and through the photo of Chad and I across the room. All I could think was 'why would he do this to me' 'I though he loved me' 'she was my best friend'.

"Sam what's wrong?" Ashton asked outside of my door.

I got up and unlocked the door to let him in.

"He cheated on me"

Ashton pulled me into a hug and all I could do was cry into his shirt. Then Luke,Calum and Michael came to hug me. I'm so happy they ate always there for me. After about 30 minutes of crying I ran out of tears.

"PIZZA" Michael yelled from downstairs. I bolted downstairs after he said that. I don't know why but pizza always makes me happy.

"You'll get over him, I just know it" Luke said. All I did was give him a weak smile in response.

A couple hours passed. The boys left, Ashton feel asleep on the couch. I went upstairs to my room. I checked my phone, it had 13 missed calls,17 texts and 2 missed FaceTimes. First I red the texts

I'm so sorry.

Please answer my calls

Baby please answer

I'm so so so sorry, can you please forgive me

I'm sorry

Please call me back

I need to explain

I'm sorry and l know you probably won't forgive me, but can you please answer.

I'm sorry

Baby please

I'm such an asshole

I need you

I'm a mess without you 😢

I'm sorry

Please answer my calls

I know this won't change anything but I still love you❤️

I'm sorry


I started to tear up after reading all of those texts. I still love him but I won't be able to forgive him after what he did to me…

A/N I hope you guys like it so far. I'll try to update soon. If you have any ideas please DM me them on Instagram @spencer.pocha

Love ya💕

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