Hey There Madison (H.S)

Madison her name is sweet but she isn't she is a vampire along with her 2 bestfriends Aaliyah and Bella she has ginger hair and ginger eyes/orange she's beautiful but she love being a Vampire but she also needs too act normal what happens when Madison goes too school with her friends a school only filled with humans or so she thought 5 boys one problem they're vampires too. But when a vampire starts falling in love they become more and more human this story includes Hurt,Betrayal,Vampires,Fear,Trust,lust and most of all LOVE.








"MADISON GET HER" my bestfriend bella yelled. i ran as fast a i can and tackled the girl i bit her neck tasting the blood oh sweet sweet blood. I wiped her blood from my mouth saving Aaliyah and Bella some too.

so far the only thing that i am regretting is wearing a black short dress and heals "MADISON?" my head snapped towards the person calling my name who turned out to be Aaliyah i got up and ran too her seeing five boys i slowed down once i got near because they are not human i walked too them and tilted my head while their eyes looked like they would pop out any second now "Madison" i said shaking their hands while shaking their hands they told me their name which is; Harry ,Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn i nodded my heads taking in their names "Well i'm Bella and this is Aaliyah" bella said shaking their hands also the whole time the Harry dude would not stop staring at me.


I snapped my head towards him looking him in his eyes noticing his eyes are beautiful green color i was snapped out of my thoughts when Aaliyah started to talk for the first time "Well we should be headed back too the manison we have a long day tomorrow" i nodded in agreement along with everyone else "Yeah we should Er, Get going also" i think Louis said the girls looked at me because i was quite i shrugged when i heard their voice inside my head "Stop standing their like a creep and say something" i glared at Aaliyah not really understanding why we are talking too each other with our minds "Sorry can't got some things on my mind, We should get going school tomorrow full of humans" i said to them wiggling my eyebrows the boys looked at us weirdly, What they never saw girls communicating with their minds "NO" Bella said out loud witch startled us all i looked at her confused "WE ARE NOT HUNTING THERE,ARE YOU CRAZY?" she yelled in my head i rubbed my temples and glared at her "shut up before i cut your throat" i said to her the boys still not understanding what we are saying too each-other.


"OKAY LETS GO" Aaliyah said we waved too the boys before running back too the house we got there less than 10 seconds due too our super speed we was laughing because of our race towards the house i took my heels off and grabbed a hair tie and put my long ginger hair in a bun i went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror taking out my earrings. I looked straight at my reflection; noticeable Orange eyes, Ginger hair, slim , and deep dimples i smiled at my pure beauty and took off my clothes showering washing my body and hair.


Just because i'm a vampire does not mean anything i still love too wash up i love the idea of being clean.


I washed my body with dove soap and then put watermelon body wash after i washed my hair with watermelon shampoo and conditioner leaving my hair in little curls i hopped out the shower and put on some pajamas i put on a monkey tank top and matching shorts and climbed under the covers closing my eyes and drifting off into a deep sleep.



"WAKE UP VAMPS WAKE UP LETS GO MY LITTLE DUCKLINS" i shot up out of my bed due too my crazy but wonderful Bestfriend  Aaliyah yelling i got straight up and looked in the mirror catching a glance at my morning eyes witch is icy blue i blinked my eyes looked in the mirror too see them slowly turning back too Orange i smiled and opened my drawer i grabbed a purple 'JACK WILLS' jumper and put on some white shorts 

i put my hair in a bun (the one above but her bun alittle more bigger) and some white converses i grabbed my phone and walked downstairs and was greeted by Aaliyah and bella Arguing "Well i'll just catch a ride with Madison ha ha" Bella said sticking her tougne out "Oh well i have a lamborghini too and i have jacob" Aaliyah replied sticking her tounge out "yeah but my ride is so much more better and i'm not stuck in a car with a werewolf" i said pulling a disgusted face on i grabbed my car keys and took my non-human pills they help me control my self around humans so when i'm on this i eat regular food i grabbed an apple and the pills along with my car keys and walked outside the glass windowed manison like you could see the living room through the windows they are huge and glass.


i walked too the drive way unlocking the doors too my neon blue lamborghini with shiny nice rims the butterfly doors opened going straight up i got in and started the car while Bella put on make up i don't need any i'm completely flawless i drove off causing Bella too making her lip-stick smush "bitch" she said i laughed and continued too drive turning on the radio and the vamps came on we all love that group because we are vampires and they're name is the vamps and they are just adorable "that's all i have too say so baby can we dance" me and Bella sanged the song on our way while being followed by Aaliyah black dirty lamborghini she refuses too get it wash so difficult.


i made a turn into the parking lot everyone's eyes looking at us they smell so good i felt a shock in my neck. These pills are helping but they're also killing me "OUCH" me and Bella said at the same time then laughed i pulled into a parking spot taking out my iphone 5s that's black and getting on instagram and posting a picture of the steering wheel with my  white cat-claw nails touching the wheel i put the caption as 'on the run' and i posted it i think i got 200k follwers or 190k or something i just know i got alot of followers i got out of the car and the boys whistled i rolled my eyes and shut the door.

I waiting for Aaliyah and Bella they took forever just too open and close a damn door while waiting i looked around and my eyes landing on the guys we saw last night i waved and they waved back and motioned me too come over i put my index figner up signaling them too wait a sec when the girls was done i moved so the school could see us all i shoved my hands into my jumper pocket and walked towards the 5 guys from last night on the way there i noticed harry wearing the same jumper as me i smiled and got my black iphone 5s out and got on instagram biting the inside of my cheek i liked a couple photos and noticed everybody was staring at me i looked up and i was correct everybody staring at me what the fuck do i look like a turkey or something i smiled and waved they smiled back i locked my phone


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