Emma Rose Berry is the drum line Leader or should I say Drum major. she is the first girl at Australian High school. She was the boss. she bossed all the guys around. no matter what. she was the LEADER. what happens when Ashton Irwin comes and try's to take her place?! Will she Handel it? will she let him take her spot? or will she fall hard for him?!


1. 1.0


I walk into the schools band hall fixing the backpack on my shoulder. I walk into the "drums/percussion" room and see the 16 year old idiots I have to work with everyday.. "Devin,Carlos,René and Jerrick" I hated them they hated me. it was fun to boss them around.


"Girls put your drums on we're going to the practice room." I say getting my drumsticks out of my backpack and walking to the room.


"I hate her!" Jerrick tells Devin. "I should have been drum major not her!" Devin complains.


I go into the room and turn on the lights and wait for the stupid guys to come in.. I went on Twitter and looked through the feed.. I see Carlos walk in with the bass drum. Devin with a snare drum. René with another snare drum.. and Jerrick with A set of trios.


"where's Isabella?" I ask the guys who were putting there drums down


"haven't seen her" Jerrick tells me and René nods


"whatever" I say under my breathe


inside I knew they were lying..


"okay guys!" I say cheerful "get your drums up! we gotta practice for tomorrow's football game!" I smile and hear them complain.


I set up and tap of the music stand "one,two. one ,two my speed go" I say counting them off and directing them.


all of them had bad looks on there faces. I loved my spot here.

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