Keep the Faith

I've written this story based on a game that I played with my sorority in which we had to answer questions based on the bible but if we didn't get them right we would get sent back out of the house.


1. Intro

The sounds of chanting could be heard coming from every house, people practicing pagan or satanic rituals. I can’t believe what this world has turned into, it used to be so perfect, but now it has all changed. There was nothing that really prompted this change but now that there aren’t so many conflicting religions it would seem that people can get along better. But there is still chaos because of things that get summoned into this world because of these religions.

This is why I still hold firm to my beliefs as a Christian and I will work with my friends to do whatever it takes to get our world back, even if it means dying. We will make it to the capital and show them why we still believe in God even though the rest of the world has fallen into the darkness.

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