In space they drift away, away, away . . .


1. Chapter 1


The Earth was an ant to him much like the humans were ants to the Earth. But the humans were no more, he was the last ant of the Universe. The lone survivor.

He looked at the Earth through a circular window of the Space Station. It was the same window he looked out of three months ago from which he watched the world destroy itself. Helpless, he watched humanity unravel itself.

And now there was nothing left.

But he kept watching.

And he drifted away, away, away.

Unblinking, he watched the Earth, trying to remember what it once was. Perhaps he did it to keep himself from forgetting. Perhaps he did it to keep sane. He remembered the confusion and shock and the undeniable realisation that he would never return home. He no longer had a home.

I am the last one.

The thought lingered in the depths of his mind. He has said the sentence so many times for the past three months that he no longer heard the words but the sound. In some sick sense it made him special; he was the last living human and the first to be truly alone. But then again, he was just an ant of the Universe, insignificant in the grand existence of things.

Yet he was never truly alone.

“Scott, you have not ate or slept in over eighteen hours. I suggest you stop ignoring me, it will do you no good.” Prism’s voice boomed from the speakers of the main computer. There was no use in arguing; the A.I, Prism, was right.

Truth was, he hasn’t spoken to another human being in three months. Three months. And now it was just him and Prism, drifting away into nothingness.

It was ironic, really, how the closest thing Scott had to company – to a friend – wasn’t human, it was not a living thing. And still, Scott found Prism to be more human than most, but he didn’t know whether that was the truth or whether he wanted it to be the truth.

“Believe me, if I had limbs I would already be force feeding you.”

Scott turned his gaze from the Earth and onto the stars and darkness which surrounded all. And then, he smiled. “Really, Prism? I never had you pinned down for the violent type.”

Prism sighed. “What am I going to do with you, Scott?”

Scott shrugged. “I don’t know. Help me conquer Mars?”

“You want to be king of Mars?”

“Hell yeah, Earth is so overrated anyways.”

Scott laughed and so did Prism. Still, there was sadness in it. Scott let his laughter fade away as he gazed at the Earth once more. He wanted to go home, damn, he wanted to go home so bad. But he couldn’t, he would die here, the last of humanity. Forgotten. No, Prism would remember, Prism would never forget.

Prism would live on.

Scott slowly raised his hand to the circular window and with his fingers traced the outline of the Earth. He wanted to cry, but he has shed so much tears for humanity – for his lost friends and family and all the strangers he never met – that he knew he would never be able to cry again.

“Scott, you continue to be unresponsive, are you alright? Your wellbeing is my top priority.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, just thinking.”

“If I am bothering you I can go offline.”

“No, don’t.” I don’t want to be alone. Prism kept him sane, he knew that if it wasn’t for Prism his mind would have ripped itself apart months ago. In the end Prism would live on, in the end Prism would be the only one left – he would be the only evidence that humanity ever existed.

“Of course not, you’d miss me too much,” Prism chuckled. If Prism had a face Scott imagined that he’d be giving the biggest grin known to mankind. That machine had one hell of a personality. And an ego.

Prism, who was an idea, a thought. Prism, who was his friend.

Scott sometimes wondered what Prism felt, if he felt anything at all. Did he feel sadness, fear and loneliness like Scott did?



“I’m glad you’re here.”

 “Me too.”

And in that moment, Prism was truly alive.

He was the last ant of the Universe, but at least he had Prism.

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