Names for girls

Just GIRL names and there meanings

I made the cover. How do you like it?

1. names

So I thought why not have a list of girl names with there meanings so people can have ideas for names since I always get stuck.

Abigail- source of joy

Alice- noble, of good cheer

Amber- jewel

Audrey- strong

Beatrice- she who blesses

Bethany- worshiper of god

Blythe- free spirit

Bonnie-fair lovely

Carla- feminine of Charles

Claire/Clare- clear and bright

Catherine- pure

Cynthia- moon goddess

Dawn- breaking of day

Diana- virgin goddess

Eleanor- light

Elena- form of Helen

Emma- ancestress

Fiona- pretty

Gabrielle- gods messenger

Hayley- heroine

Ivy- gods gift

Julia- youthful

Kate- pure

Lilly- the lily

Maia- the star

Nina- mighty

Olive- peace

Pearl- the pearl

Rowena- white mane

Selene- the moon

Silver- white

Thea- divine

Violet- flower

Willow- symbol of healing

Zoe- life giving

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