A family of friends

Riley moves to a new town and on the way to school she bumps into a few new people read her story.
Sorry I'm rubbish at blurbs


1. introduction

Ugh I hate this just because dad got a better job here doesn't mean we had to move. Hi I'm Riley I'm 15 years old and I'm from Ireland but now I'm moving half way across the world to LA. I have to leave behind all my friends my boyfriend everything that I love well except my parents of corse but still I loved Ireland yes the wether wasn't the best but I had so many friends I had a gorgeous boyfriend I was doing really well at school and then I have to move, can you tell I'm annoyed, well I am.

After about an hour of driving we got to our house. Ok fine I like the house, doesn't mean I want to live here. I walked inside the house and it's huge as soon as you walk through the door you end up straight in the living room, the living room had wooden flooring and cream walls. The sofas were a brown suede, there was a flat screen TV on the wall and an oak coffee table in the centre of the room. In the kitchen there was black tiles on the floor and black marble work surfaces the walls were painted white and the cupboard doors were wooden. The next room was my room well the walls were painted a deep shade of red and black there is a double bed with white and red bedding in the middle of the floor there is a white desk by the massive window and some shelfs scattered around the walls. I found a wall that had no shelfs on it and pinned up my Irish flag.

I hope that's was a good introduction can you guys comment feedback like what I'm doing right and wrong and also what i need to change. Because as you can tell I'm not the best writer hope you enjoyed chloexx

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