Nothing Else Matters



1. Flashback \ Prologue


Luke's pov

"Come on. You have to go on stage Luke." Ashton said. We were behind the stage and we were on in 5 minutes. Someone handed me my guitar. I pulled the strap over my shoulder expressionless. "Dude why is he acting like this." Calum asked. I didn't say any thing. I would break down if I did. I handed him my phone. The text. From Lisa. It's over. Three years. Over. "Shit." Michael said. "Um... We have to do this show... We can talk after? We have a twelve hour drive..." I nodded slowly. "Boys your on!" Ashton was already on. I stepped through the door leading on stage. Thousands of people screamed as Michael cal and I ran on stage. We sang through 18... Our opening. I tried putting emotion into... But I couldn't get her off my mind. I felt like screaming. I felt like breaking down. I felt like crying. "Ok guys! This next song is a sappy one people." Michael said out of breath. "Let's here it for amnesia!" Calum yelled. Michael grabbed his acoustic and we started strumming. "I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted..." Calum started singing. I looked blankly into the crowd. Then came my part to sing... I walked up to the microphone. My face was on the giant screens behind us. "I remember the day you told me y-you were leaving.." I felt my eyes sting. "I remember the makeup r-running down your face... And the d-dreams you l-left behind you didn't need them.. Like e-every single wish w-we ever made." I sang. I was starting to stutter.... I kept singing though. "I w-wish that I could wake up w-with amnesia... And forget a-about the stupid little things..." Then all the memories flooded back. I stopped singing. Michael looked at me. I stared into the crowd... They were starting to stop cheering... The boys still played their music. "I'm sorry I can't do this." I said into the microphone before running off stage. I basically collapsed when I got back stage tears running down my face. All the screams and guitar mess ups everything was fading. My vision was blurry. The tears stopped. I felt a hand on my shoulder... Michael. I didn't care. I don't feel anything. Just sadness. A deep sadness. Something that felt like my heart was ripped out, torn to my pieces and sewed back into my chest. I want everything to be over. Screw the band. Screw the tour. Screw everything. If I can't have her... What's the point.

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