Locked Doors

The doors are always locked.. What are they hiding? Can she uncover the mystery of the locked doors? Find out


1. Introduction

  Hello my name is Daisy Irwin, I'm 15 and I go to Bolivar Central High School. I've lived in Mallory Manor for all my life, so I've snooped around a bit. I uncovered some mysteries over the years. Each door I get unlocked, another mystery unfolds. Join me on my adventure to unlock all the doors and discover the truth about this old house. I've seen it all, some times I wish I hadn't but no turning back now. I've unlocked 5 out of 20 doors, I've picked locks, broken door hinges off, rammed doors, found a key above the door frame, and blown the door off. At first I never paid attention to the locked doors but then my friend James Garrett came over and asked me why they were locked, so I got interested.

   So from then on, I tried my best to unlock the doors to find out what was hidden behind them, it's just been me in this house since I was twelve. My parents disappeared one day, I thought they were coming back but they never did, so I stopped waiting around and got busy. I think I've told you enough for now, you can keep reading along to uncover the rest.

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