Unknown (LL love story)

"LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN!" I heard my sister scream.

Hi, my name's Taylor I'm 18 and my sister loves Logan Lerman. She's 8.

Here's the story:

Logan and I were childhood friends and we always hung out. You see Logan is really famous so he had to move to LA. He didn't even say goodbye to his best friend!

What will happen when we are reunited? Will he forget me all together or not?


1. Moving Day

Logan and I have been best friends forever. We both live on Jones Street and we always hung out as much as we could. We even have nicknames. I'm Tay and he's just Logan. Whenever it got cold we got together for hot cocoa, told stories, and more. Hanging out with Logan was a blast.


I was walking home one day and I saw a moving can in Logan's driveway. I went over and asked Lisa "What's going on." "Oh Taylor, Logan had to leave to go to LA, he was going to say goodbye. I know you two are really close and all but we are moving. I'm really sorry." "No, it's cool that he's going to become famous" "You sure" "Yeah, totally hope he has fun." "Ok bye hon" "Bye"

As I walked away I thought "Logan really left without saying goodbye. I can't believe that." I started crying and I couldn't bear the thought of Logan not saying goodbye to his best friend.

*skips crying home*

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