Falling for ya



1. meeting

Me and my friend Lilly go out for a walk in the park but not until we notice who we were walking with??

Chapter 1 meeting to many

Lilly and I were out at the park for some fresh air. I had just had fell but something or someone had catched me?? I look up to find not 2 not 3 but 4 handsome boys!! Lilly introduced us cause I (Cecelia ) was nervous her words and I quote "Hi I'm Lilly and this is my friend Cecelia and se us SINGLE!"

Luke's P.O.V.

I heard all the boys yell LUKE!! I look up to find 2 girls that look around age. I heard that they were single I was looking at Cecelia she had black hair with a blonde streak and dreamy black eyes. No Luke don't think like that you just got out of a relationship you need some thine to think if you can trust anyone again.

Cecilia's P.O.V.

I was assuming that his name was Luke. I said hi I am Cecilia and you must be Luke.!! He looked up he had the most beautiful eyes I just zoned out for a moment. But no I can't think about this I have a boyfriend his name is Adam even though I know he doesn't care about me I am afraid to break up with him.

"Cecelia!" Lily said Ashton asked if we wanted to hang out all of them said yeah except for Luke

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