Good girl



1. 1

Jamie's pov

"Hey babe" Michael Clifford says putting his arm around my shoulder

"Don't touch me, and don't call me babe" i say, removing his arm full of tattoos off of my shoulder.

"Come on Jamie, you know you want me!" He calls as i walk away from him, towards my math class

"No i don't mike!" I yell back. I turn the corner and walk in the hall, trying to forget about Michael.

You see, Michael Clifford and i are not the best of friends. He's been trying to get in my pants for a year now, since i'm basically the only one he hasn't screwed. He's an arrogant prick, who just wants nothing but sex and food.

"Jamie what was all that about?" Miranda, my best friend, asks as i sit down beside her in class

"The usual." She nods and turns back to doodling in her book

"Really? You really can't forget about Ashton can you?" I ask laughing as i see her drawing his name with tiny hearts

"Don't judge, he's hot" i smile as she giggles

"I'll have to agree with you but his friend is hotter" i say and she smirks

"Calum? Nah he's... He's got a baby face"

"And Ashton doesn't?" I ask laughing

"Shut up" she laughs as i put my hands up in defence


"Okay class! Open your text books at page 170" our teacher says and i smile, opening my book.

"Jamie would you like to answer?" M. Cole, our teacher asks me

"Uhm yes, the answer is 14" i answer and smile proudly

"Correct! As usual miss Trent" i nod and smile before looking back down at my book, filled with all the answers

"Jamie, since you're done, could you please go copy this sheet 30 times?" Mr. Cole asks as he walks towards me

"Of course!"

"Cause you're such a goodie goodie" michael Clifford mutters and i frown

"Weren't you supposed to ditch today?" I ask

"I was, but then i wasn't" he replied sheepishly and i groan

"Asshole" i whisper getting up and taking the paper to copy from mr. Cole

"Goodie two shoe" i hear Michael say before i walk out of the classroom

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