In My Shoes



1. Prologue

Ashamed...yes that's how I felt to be exact. I've always been the one with so many friends,the loud one, the...sometimes stupid one, the curious one, the one who is never afraid to speak up in class even if it was to state something mainly dumb. But, I was never the one who people talked about...made fun of. Yes, some people had said somethings about my skin color in the past,but I'd thought everyone had matured about such things by now.I thought being black wasn't a problem with anyone, that I was equal, but apparently not. No matter how much I tried to convince myself,tell myself I'm not ugly, not too fat, not too short but in reality I am. I am ugly, I am a bit overweight, I am short and most importantly I am Black. that Day...when they made a racist reference toward me and laughed so hard,I felt ashamed. Hiding my face,I wiped away the tears but they were quickly replaced by newer and warmer ones.I felt sick and unable to breathe. I wanted to tell someone but I was...Ashamed. ashamed

of being stupid, ashamed of crying,ashamed of being made fun of for my god given skin color. that day was the worst...not the worst day in my life but it was the worst....

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