The Rest Of Us

Only a few of us are left.
Wealthy families run this place called Earth.
The families that aren't wealthy have basically became extinct.
I was with a small few of us but, now they're gone and I'm stuck with him a Wealthy; Harry Styles.


1. Taken

The memories of them are fading. The memories of the people that I've considered my "family". It's only been a full 24 hours since I've been separated from them and I can hardly remember the sound of my fathers voice, the color of my beautiful sister Jessica's hair, The smell of the neighbor boy Noah who I've fallen in love with, the never ending flirting from Noah's brother who has happened to take a liking to Jessica, and the laugh of David my stubborn yet strong brother.


We've all been together since I was 10 and we've stayed in a small abandoned apartment building. Going out on the streets was always a challenge and there was always a risk of getting chosen.


Getting chosen means all of a sudden you belong to one of the rich. We call the rich the 'Anarchy'.


The Anarchy have access to any car, house, foods, and poor. They abuse this power.


Each week my family took turns going out for supplies. This week was suppose to be Noah's week but, due to his illness I had to fill in and that's when they chose me.


-24 Hours Earlier-


The temperature dropped and it felt -10 degrees outside. I pulled my jacket tightly around my torso and kept my head down. Water sank into my shoes due to a large hole I have acquired on the side. "Only 1 more mile." I whispered to myself hoping for a little inspiration to move forward.


Joe was the owner of a convenient store and he always kept a bag of supplies for my family and I. Joe was not one of the rich but due to his small store it was considered almost illegal to choose him. The Anarchy spends hundreds on fuel from his place and that's how he has stayed open all these years. I'm almost happy for him.


Lights from ahead caught my eye and I heard the sound of the bell ringing from Joe's doorway.Finally. I slip into the warmth and give him a small smile.


"Hey Joe."


"Kay, I thought this was Noah's week?"


"He's still sick so I volunteered for him." Joe's toothless smile lite up his eyes.


"You and that boy will marry one day. I'm telling you." He handed me the usual bag of necessities and threw in an extra soup can for Noah. "Thank you so much Joe. I'll be back soon." I wrapped the tiny old man into my arms and turned toward the doorway.


The bell rang and I brought my eyes to the ground. "Don't make eye contact." I mumbled to myself. I saw a brown pair of boots walk forward and took a deep breath. He started to walk around my small body but stopped.


"Who are you?" A raspy voice spoke. I kept my mouth shut and closed my eyes. This can't happen, not today.


"Look at me." He said more sternly. Slowly I tilted my head up towards him. I looked into green eyes that were similar to my own. "Hi." I whispered.


"Come with me." That's he needed to say for me to know that I was chosen.


"No. Please. Please." I begged. Tears almost in his eyes.


Some people would love to be chosen but I since I was 10 years old my father always said the Anarchy abuse their power. They abuse the power they have over the poor. He can't abuse the power he has over me. This can't be the last time I see Noah and the rest of my family.


"I said come with me." It was almost a shout. I placed my grocery bag on the ground and looked at Joe. His tears were visible down his cheek and I gave him a nod telling him silently to tell my family and to tell Noah. He understood and gave a nod back.


I followed him to a black sports car and placed myself in the passenger seat.


"Tell me your name." He says as he climbs in the driver seat.


"Kaylynn but everyone calls me Kay." Noah calls me Kay.


"Nice to meet you Kaylynn. I'm Harry. Harry Styles."

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