The Rest Of Us

Only a few of us are left.
Wealthy families run this place called Earth.
The families that aren't wealthy have basically became extinct.
I was with a small few of us but, now they're gone and I'm stuck with him a Wealthy; Harry Styles.


2. Who's Harry?

I never looked Harry in the eyes. Harry was the Anarchy. How could I be with my family one minute then become owned by them the next?


His car pulled up to a large iron gate. Of course he had security. "Welcome back Styles." said a male voice from the intercom. A stone road lead to a mansion, one of the largest mansions I've ever seen. It looked almost like a hospital. Fresh paint hit my nose and I saw a small pool house being built in the distance. "Nice place isn't it." I just nodded continuing to keep my gaze away from his eyes. "It's been in the family for years. My grandfather started building it after he made bank in the stock market. After he passed this place was given to my father it wasn't half this big. My fathers company went global and well here we are today." I don't know why he told me this. Maybe just to brag about his fancy lifestyle.


The car came to a stop and a tall man dressed in a black suit opened the passenger door. "Evening." Was all he said with a slight nod. Harry walked around the car and placed a hand gently on my back leading me toward a large doorway.


The man in black drove the car away toward a parking garage I assumed.


After the door was opened I expected symbols representing the Anarchy and girls crying on the floor but there was none of that. His home was simple and beautiful. The main room was white from top to bottom with splatter of color only coming from flowers and paintings on the walls. "Wow." I said above a whisper.


"Come with me Kaylynn."


He lead me up a spiral staircase and to a long hallway with about 100 doors each marked with a number. "Your room will be number 56." I nodded.


He pushed the door open and revealed a room with a complete glass wall, a queen size bed, and a door for both a bathroom and closet. "You can rest here for tonight. The closet is full of clothes and what not, I'll have one of my girls bring you some food. Tomorrow you will have to come down for breakfast by no later than 10:30 a.m. then I want you to report to me and I'll give you further instruction."


"Thank you. I think I'm going to shower." He nodded then stepped toward me. He leaned in then placed a kiss on my cheek. I couldn't help but cringe at his warm lips that felt almost cold to me.


"Goodnight Kaylynn." He turned and left and that's when the tears returned. One after the other they fell.


The bathroom was double the size of the bathroom that I had to share with my family and I had this one only for myself. It seemed unfair to them and I almost wished they were here. But, they're free and I envy their freedom.


The water felt amazing. For once it was hot against my skin. Since the Anarchy I have never had a hot shower and now the water was turning my skin a pink color. My tears flowed with the water and I thought of Noah. What I would do to be with Noah right now. I wished I would have got the soup to him. I hoped he was feeling better. "I love you." I whispered more to myself but wishing he would hear it.


The closet was full of clothing as promised and I found myself struggling at what to pick. A plain white shirt and black leggings suited me just well.


A light knock sounded from my door then it opened. A women around the age of 60 opened it and smiled. "Hello dear. Harry told me you might be hungry."


"Yes, thank you. If you don't mind me asking, Why were you chosen?" The women found humor in my question.


"I wasn't picked. I knew Harry's father and he was such a kind man. After his father died I raised Harry and he returned the favor by giving me a place to live."


"What about his mother?" She placed a tray of food on my bed then sat down at the end.


"She left after her son was born. Sinful that women is. I would like for Harry to consider me as almost a mother."


"Is Harry a kind man?"


"Oh honey. You have nothing to worry about here. The rumors on the street are only to scare you. Harry isn't bad not even close to bad. You'll like it here."


"But my family.." I looked down hovering my fork over my food. The women gave me a small smile with a look of pity in her eyes. "Eat then get some rest."


I laid under layers of blankets trying to get as comfortable as possible which wasn't hard. The last thing I thought about before I shut my eyes was my Noah.

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