The Rest Of Us

Only a few of us are left.
Wealthy families run this place called Earth.
The families that aren't wealthy have basically became extinct.
I was with a small few of us but, now they're gone and I'm stuck with him a Wealthy; Harry Styles.


3. Your job

A mental alarm went off the next morning telling me that I was expected at breakfast by Harry at 10:30. I didn't know whether or not it was normal for girls to wear what they wore to bed to breakfast so I changed into a pair of skinny blue jeans and a lose white top along with that I put on a pair of long brown leather boots. This happened to be the nicest and most expensive outfit even shoes alone I've ever put on.

The house wasn't as confusing as I thought it would be. The long hallway full of rooms lead to the stairs, the stairs lead to the main room, and I followed other girls who looked around the same age as me. One stopped and looked toward me.

"You're the one that came last night. Am I right?" I nodded. Word got around fast. "I'm Sydney, I've been here for almost a year and trust me it's not bad other places are 10 times worse. This may be horrible for me to say but you got lucky." She was right it was horrible for her to say but I wasn't about to be bitter when she is the first person I've meet that's in this 'chosen' position. "I'm Kaylynn. So, what exactly do we do around here?"

"Every job is different and all depends on either the girl or how much Harry likes you. You can get stuck in kitchen along with about 20 other girls, then there is the girls that help up in security which is definitely the girls Harry trusts most, there is girls that help with wardrobe and supply, and finally the girls that clean all day and every day. Some girls have gone from something like wardrobe down to cleaning because they got involved with Harry and it didn't end so well. So be careful and you might even do security with me," He winked then linked her arm into mine. Her eyebrows pulled down, she poked my arm gently, and said "Although they might need to build you up before that." We both laughed and entered the large kitchen. Several dining tables were lined up in the back and they had food laid out towards the front.

I picked a variety then sat with Sydney at a table full of several other girls both young and beautiful. Not even one bite later Harry called my name.

"Yeah?" I mumbled as I turned to face him.

"Please stand and walk with me."

I grabbed my bagel and stood up to follow him.

" I'm sure Sydney told you quite a bit. That girl don't know how to be quiet sometimes. So right now I'm telling you to ignore whatever she has told you because I have a different job for you."

"What is it?" I asked curious. Sydney never mentioned something completely different as a job.

"You will be by my side for the next let's say week. You'll be my let's say PA."

"Why didn't anyone else get offered this job?"

"Nobody ever said you were the first with this job? Now let's go to my office."

We went down the hallway opposite of the hallway where my room is located. This hallway was more open and light came in from a glass sun roof. Incredible was an understatement, it was beyond beautiful. We walked up to glass double doors with 'Styles' written in gold lettering across the front.

"You will report here everyday after breakfast and everyday I'll have different things I like you to do for me." The office was open and lit up bright. 
"Right now would you please take these papers across the hall to your office, your name will be on the door. Read these documents and check for misspelling or miss use of punctuation."

I nodded and did I was told. My own office was a replica of Harry's but smaller in size. Reading though the document got boring after I've made it halfway through and there In fact was nothing to mark. 
I found a notebook in the corner of the desk and started a letter to Joe.

Dear Joe, 
This may be the only thing you get from me and I don't know if you'll even get this but if you do please check on my family for me. I would like to hear that Noah got soup and that he was not longer sick, that he in fact was healthier than ever. I would like to know if Jessica and Noah's brother turned their friendship into something more. 
Joe please do this for me. I miss them all so much and I miss you as well. Tell them what happened and tell them I would never just leave without goodbye. 
Tell Noah that I love him and that I'll come back to him. 
Yours truly, 

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