A day in the life of phan IN PARIS!

Attention all phandom members! This fanfic DOES include phan. So if you ship it, you've come to the right place.

DAN keeps having nightmares. Mostly they include losing Phil. He doesn't want to tell Phil for the fear of frightening him. But also to keep his feelings for him a secret.

PHIL is unaware of Dan's nightmares, but is more interested on the trip they are taking. Paris, France! Phil hopes that this could be an opportunity to tell Dan how he really feels about him, but fears he will be rejected.

Will both get an opportunity to reveal the truth? Or will their secrets remain a secret?


1. Waking up to a surprise


I do not own Dan and Phil. All the events in this fanfic are fake (unless they actually went to Paris). Dan's POV is in 3rd person & Phil's POV is in 1st person. So please enjoy and give me some feed back on what I can improve. 

Dan's POV 

Dan woke up to a start, sweat dripping down his neck. 'Oh, thank goodness it was just a dream,' he thought, putting his hand on his forehead and taking deep breaths to calm down. He sat there for a few minutes rethinking what had happened. 

These nightmares have been occurring very often. But he has already gotten used to them. They would always be the same; him and Phil doing something fun around town, and somehow, Phil would always end up dead. But he would always come back as a ghost. However, tonight was different. 

He and Phil were getting ready to make a philisnotonfire6 when the doorbell rang. Phil went to get the door, while Dan got everything else ready for the video. After 20 minutes, Dan got tired of waiting and was wondering why Phil was taking so long. He went to go check on Phil, the only thing he saw was Phil's limp body laying on the floor. He looked around looking for his ghost. But wasn't there. Now he began to worry. Right about now was when his ghost would appear, but it has nowhere in sight. That's when he realized that he wasn't coming back. Phil was lost forever. Dan managed to put Phil's upper body onto his lap and craddled his head. Crying softly, he let his tears splash onto Phil's face, making their way to soak up Phil's favorite blue t-shirt. 

Dan came back into consciousness and checked his calendar that was hanging on his wall, where on the square marked today, the words 'trip to France' were written in red marker. 'Oh my god! It's today! It's really today!' Dan thought he got up and looked in the mirror. What he saw filled him with annoyance. "PHILLIP MICHAEL LESTER!!"


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