Warriors RP

Scarkit was born with a large scar on his left shoulder, with very little fur to cover it up. As he grows slowly and painfully from kit to apprentice, he learns the cruelty that clan life can bring, but his undying loyalty and quiet courage bring him a few friends along the way. The teasing towards his scarred side never truly did seam to cease, but what no cat would ever have foretold, not even Starclan, is that his scar has a very special power. Whenever troubled cats come to him and place their paw over his scar, he sees into the darkest spots of their mind. This can be very helpful, especially when it involves the she-cat he loves to death. But when Scarpaw is called to be a medicine cat, he must learn to push away the feelings of love, or break the warrior code.


1. by Blue_Boy_Nerd

Skarkit padded outside of the nursery and lifted his muzzle to the night sky. The wind shifted gently, the moon peering softly through the clouds. A dark shadow cascaded across the territory, making the night nearly pitch black. 


"Mother?" He mewed. "Why is the sky so dark at night?"


His mother purred softly and cuffed his ear, "Because it means young kits like you should be sleeping."


Skarkit scuffled into the nursery and pawed his sister, Ravenkit, to move over.


"Ew!" she squeaked. "Don't touch me, you have diseases!"


Scarkit rolled his eyes and snuggled into the moss bed he made that morning. It was the same thing every night. no one wanted to sleep next to him, because of the scar he was born with.


Scarkit tucked his nose under his paws and sighed, "I wish she loved me like she loves my other brothers. . ."

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