Middle school life

A 12 year old girl melody trying to survive her first year off middle school.


1. About me

Hi. My name is Melody. I have blond hair and blue eyes. This is my first year of

Middle school and so far,it's alright. My best friend's name is Ariel but she doesn't go to my school. My best friends at school are Rose,Riley,and Isabelle. I'm just gonna give you a quick summary of my life right now. There was a dance (my first dance) and I went with a guy named Kyle. He is really nice and funny. But it gets confusing if he likes me,or someone else. It's tuff. The homework sucks.(obviously) I hang out with the guys a lot and I do cross country and basket ball. That's pretty much my life right now.

Hey I hope you guys like the first chapter! This is not a true story by the way. Just a heads up I have never written a book before!;)

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