Lea is a quiet girl. She doesn't talk to anybody; her teachers, her parents, no one. Then Calum moves to town and changes Lea's whole life. Lea feels happy, but will things last?

*mild talk of depression. there will be a sad ending that revolves around suicide, so if you are triggered by that or feel uncomfortable reading that, please do not read.


1. lea's pov

 i woke up to the horrible sound of my alarm ringing. great. i had to go to school. i pulled on my black skinny jeans, a baggy green day shirt, and a big black hoodie. i slipped on my black vans and headed out the door. when i arrived at the school gates, i noticed a boy who i hadn't seen before. he had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes. he waved and started to walk over, probably needing help, but i shook my head and ran away. he looked so confused and hurt, and he has the right to be.

you see, i don't talk to anyone. not my family, my teachers, no one. and no one notices me either, not that i care. 

the bell rang and i hurried inside the door, heading to my ap english class. i sat down at my seat in the back. soon everyone arrived and class was in session. i zoned out as usual, but was awoken by my name being called.

"lea, do you know the answer?" the teacher asked.

i shook my head no. the teacher sighed. i zoned out again.

the bell rang and i rushed out the door, but was stopped by the teacher.

"lea, even if you won't talk i need you to pay attention in class. do you understand?" i nodded my head, turning around and rushing out the door.

in the process i ran into a tall, good-looking, blond boy. he sneered and looked down at me.

"watch where your'e going," he proceeded to shove me. i fell over and he ran away laughing. i felt tears prick my eyes. not that this was out of the ordinary, but it still wasn't nice. 

"are you okay?" i looked up to see the boy with the brown eyes.

i nodded and took his hand, which had offered to help me up. i started to walk away, but then felt a hand on my shoulder. 

"by the way, my name is calum."


A/N: YAYAYAYAYAY!! I have been excited to write this story! It is dedicated to my friend Lea who is the girl on the cover. I know this was short, but i hope you guys thought it was good. Like, comment, and favorite! Byeeee my penguins!

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