New girl😍💖



1. introducing Emily Field☺️

Hey I'm Emily and I've just moved from New York to Australia 🤗 My mums just got a new job as a tour manager, basically she's rich 💵 I got bullied in my last two school which brought me to where I am today 😧 I have many scars on my thighs and arms 😪 my dad left when I was 10 I'm now 16 , my dads married to Jennifer Lawrence she's an actress if you didn't know ☺️ I have a twin sister names Ellie she has a lip piercing and blonde hair with pink dip-dye👯she has an hourglass figure as people say🤗

I have blonde hair with blue dip-dye I have a lip piercing and my ears and belly button pierced also🤗

~I hope you enjoy this story it's my 1st time writing this~

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