People change, memories don't

Luke Hemings, Calum hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin


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Malory's pov:

"Lukey?! Where are you? Come out you little butthead" I giggled to myself

I couldn't find like we were playing hide and seek and I've been looking for ages

WAIT A MINUTE! Check the tree house

I went out back, quiet as a mouse

I quickly climbed the ladder and there luke was

With a cupcake and an unlit candle

"Lukey what are you doing" i walked over to him

"It is your birthday. So I used my 3 dollars and bought you a cupcake" he said in he's cute little voice "aww lukey"

Wait I didn't really introduce myself I'm Malory Desi tellsa and today it June 27th it's my 8th birthday. I've known like since I was a baby because our parents.

4 years later

"Leave me alone dad I hate you so much"

My mom just died and he's drunk and he's yelling at me I'm crying so much

I quickly ran upstairs and waited till I heard his door slam I quickly grabbed my phone and climbed up to the roof and jumped across to lukeys house and climbed to his window seal and knocked

Luke's pov:

I heard a knock on my window I checked my phone if was 2:00am

I knew it was Malory I opened my window and I saw a crying Malory

"Mal what's wrong" I said getting sadder

"My-my mom died and my dads drunk" she said crying harder

"No mal how did she die" I hugged her she mumbled

"My dad got drunk and they got into a fight and he he he shot her, then I got really mad I screamed at him"

"No babe I'm so sorry" I hugged her tighter

"You can stay here tonight I'm not letting you go back over there" I went downstairs and my mom was down there

"Hey honey, oh hey Malory what's wrong"she sobbed louder

"Mom her dad killed her mom he's drunk"

"Oh dear Malory come here I'm so sorry" she hugged mal I hate seeing her cry it's like my heart being stomped on

3rd persons pov:

Mal cried a lot that night

She went into Luke's room and they later down and went to sleep

Luke hugged her

This was a tough situation for a 12 year old

Around 4:00am there was a loud like bang it was a gun

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