Just a one-shot about something which I found the notes on from a LONG TIME AGO.
This won't be continued unless I get bored
Or I'm begged.
Which won't happen.


1. Crystals

The crystals had been dead for centuries.

They hadn't exerted their glow in many years.

Therefore, the cavern had remained dark, dusty and damp.

Just one little life kept visiting occasionally. The same time of the week, on the same day. Just admiring them, and basking in what was their former glory.

Today, he wasn't here.

Today, it was someone else.


She stood in the middle of the cave, surrounded by a circle of jagged rocks as sharp as a shark tooth. The seven lost gems stood straight, their bones locked in a position of stiffness that would never be undone. The women looked at each one in turn. She was wearing a long, grey dress of storm clouds. Her hair wrapped in a head scarf, which was a pale grey, resembling the sleek water-covered hide of a sea dolphin. Most of her hair was covered, however, rogue strands peered out from underneath. What once was fine, jet-black hair was slowly greying, giving it the impression that it, like it's owner, was slowly wasting away. Limp. Lifeless. Unknown.

She was once a dreamwalker, but she was one no more. They had been hunted almost to extinction; one of the last ones - her own nephew - was hidden in her giant abode with her. The fear had driven her power away like a sheepdog to it's herd. His remained strong, powerful and loyal to good. Unlike some. The women's hazel eyes, hardened with the pains it had endured over the years, strayed to the cavern ceiling. Stalactites, all taking on the strange, dark blue hue as the cave itself, hung unsteadily from the covered roof, as if they might collapse and form destruction at any given moment.

"Why am I even here?" The women whispered. Her voice was hoarse, and may once have belonged to someone powerful. Now, it matched it's keepers retired, withering shape.

"You are, that's why!" A young voice answered. It originated from all over, so she couldn't tell exactly which direction it came from. However, it did not speak again. The women sighed and once again cast her eyes at the jewels.

On the far left, an ebony black, devoid of all colour and hope.

On it's right, a blood red one. She could almost feel the fiery heat resonating from it.

Beyond that, stood a mellow blue one. It was azure, and sparkled like the sun reflecting off the cool ocean waters.

Her eyes drifted to the right:

On the far right, was a soft white. It was a cloud bouncing along a joyful sky.

To its left was a fresh green, as fresh as the grass which adorned the meadows.

Finally, there was a yellow one. It was faded, but in it's prime, it would've sparkled and shone like the sun.


In the middle, between the blue and yellow crystals, was a larger one. It was a grey, and what was it's colour was unknown. It had faded long before the women and child had arrived.


She looked at each of these in turn, and tears started to fall down her decrepit face and onto the neglected cavern floor.

"I lost them all... they left me here... and they never returned"  Her voice was barely a whisper now, but merely a disruption in the caverns silence.

"They never came to say goodbye.."

Her sobs lit up the cavern, and even the petite voice remained silent. Then, after a while, a few footsteps accompanied the sound.

"Don't worry" A small, undersized hand slipped into the women's. It was that of a young boy, nine at the most. His ginger hair was crazy and untameable, and he looked at the women with love in his young, brown eyes.

"I'm here for you" The women looked at him.

"I always will be, no matter what" He finished, smiling slightly. The women wrapped his arms around him and the pair sank to the floor, sobbing. They remained their, wrapped in their embrace for a long time.



Neither of them noticed, that whilst they were relieving the horrifying past, the white crystal slowly started to glow.

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