Silly Little Flashbacks

Yukio falls asleep studying after Rin had already been asleep. Hinted Yukio x Rin. Pure Fluff.


1. A Chapter

(Shura's P.O.V.)

I silently picked the lock to Rin and Yukio's place. It was around 3 in the morning. I was only there because I wanted to mess with the four eyed chicken and his brother. I quietly closed the door and snuck to their room, where the door was opened a crack. I was holding two pots and was about to run in there banging them together so I could wake them up, for fun, but I noticed Rin getting up. 'Shit... Did he hear me?' But he started walking towards Yukio's desk, where I saw Yukio slumped over in his sleep, like he had fallen asleep studying. I watched.

(Rin's P.O.V.)

I slowly woke up suddenly, and got up from my bed. I saw Yukio sleeping at his desk, glasses pushed upwards by his arms as he laid his head on his desk. I walked towards him and sighed. I slid his glasses off of him gently and set them on his desk. I put my hand in his hair and softly ran my fingers through it. I watched him. "Yukio... You're overworking yourself...I'm your older brother, I should be the one with too much to do...You're worrying me, Yukio... Go easier on yourself, I...I don't like waking up at 4 in the morning and seeing that you're still awake, working away, and I have to make you go to bed...Take a break sometime..." I removed my hand from his hair and pulled his chair out so I could lift him from his seat. I did, holding him bridal style. I turned towards our beds and looked at his top bunk bed. "Ah, shit...." I muttered. He would wake up if I tried to get him up there, plus, I might drop him. I placed him on my bed and put my blanket on him, then got in the bed myself, as it would be weird to sleep in his bed. As soon as I pulled the blanket over me, he rolled on his side towards me and wrapped his arms around me, still asleep. My eyes widened in surprise. "Y-Yukio...?" I had forgotten he was a sleep cuddler, like myself. I smiled lightly; it reminded me of when we were kids and slept in the same bed. I put my hand in his hair and slowly drifted back to sleep.

(Shura's P.O.V.)

'Dammit...Now I don't want to wake them up... Guess the four eyes chicken does need his sleep...tch...' I pursed my lips and walked away, careful not to clang the pots on something. I left their dorm, though I do plan to come back, maybe on their birthday real early. I smirked at the thought and started planning.








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