models; larry

louis was an adidas model, harry a ysl model.

or the one where louis and harry meet by accidental schedule muck ups. (oops, hi moment will be in this story so be ready)

copyright kenneslay on movellas 2015©


1. prologue

louis is a working model for adidas. he happens to love his job and loves wearing adidas. he's very photogenic so of course he's very rich. people love louis and love his partying ways. he also smokes weed but that's okay with the public. he lives a carefree lifestyle, hoping from place to place, he doesn't like to be tied down. on a good day, he'll go to bed at 6 or 7 am. and also, he's openly gay. 

harry, on the other hand, is a model for ysl. he loves posing for the camera and he has very nice looks. harry is very polite and well mannered. he opens doors for women, compliements random people on the streets and goes to bed at around 10 pm everyday. the press is always in his face and fans always trying to get their picture withnhim but instead of blowing them off, he takes pictures. many, many pictures. he doesn't like to attend parties or clubs because he doesn't like the things that happen there. he keeps to himself and has found life to be very successful by doing so. he, like louis, is openly gay.


as you can probably tell, these two lead very different lifestyles. they usually don't associate with people much like each other. but when their schedules get mushed together and for the next week they have to do all their shoots together, they'll have no choice but to talk to one another. but maybe, that's not such a bad thing.

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