When Your Best Friend Is Always There For You

this is a story of two friends who never met face to face, but have been talking online and it couldn't be happier for the two.


1. Meeting my Best Friend (SKYLAR)

she's the best, to be honest. better than anyone i have ever met online before. she talks to me like she trusts me, and i love that. i trust her too, we talk all the time and i couldn't be happier when she's online. trying to figure a way to text her without movellas tho, because i'd love to know her better. she's there for me when i need someone, and i vow to be the same for her. i'll be what she needs, i'll be her rock. i'll be there when she falls and i'll put her back together when she breaks down. because that's the kinda friend she is to me, and i wanna be that for her.

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