She's Kinda Hot



1. Movie Day and a Plot

*Danielle's P.O.V.*

I roll my eyes as she pulls him in for a long kiss. I've been in love with him for as long as I can remember and here she is, using him! She's a bitch and I've hated her since I met her, too bad I can't just walk out if his life...

I can't do that because he's in a band with my brother and that would cause problems. She proceeds to start eating his face off and I roll my eyes again, going up the stairs and to my brother's door. "What's up? I thought you were having a movie day with Luke?" "The bitch is ruining it and I want them out" I reply, tears staining my cheeks. "Anything for you, if you want you can invite Ash over" he simply replies and I sigh "thank you Mikey" he merely smiles in response.

"Hey Ash, want to have a movie day?" "Sure, but I thought today was for you and Luke" "she ruined it" I simply reply and I watch as Mikey confronts Luke.

He taps Luke on the shoulder and he peers at my big brother, not even pulling away from her! "Mate, you need to leave" Luke pulls away "alright mate, tell Dani I had fun" and they leave my house.

I roll my eyes at what Luke says, he wasn't even paying attention to his favorite movie! Ashton reaches our house a few moments later and he looks at me with understanding "I think I know how to get back at him" and I grin as Michael settles into the couch beside me.

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