Black Magic

Salina Black was Sirius Black's only daughter. After living a life where she wasn't wanted until she was given her letter to a school of magic, she learned everything she needed to know about herself and her special talent, or what made her "a freak." But there was only one thing that wasn't certain. If she could possibly be going to school with her god-brother's children, and her father died when her god-brother was 15, how could she possibly be in this school of wonders? Most importantly, how could she possibly be alive?


1. The Acceptance Letter

    Salina Black was the daughter of Sirius Black. She had lived in everywhere in the United Kingdom since she was two. She was told that after she was born, her parents left her on the steps of an orphanage in London because they didn’t want her. She moved all over the UK through foster care until she was eleven. At that age, an envelope had been sent to her in her temporary home. It read:


Ms. S. Black

The Room behind the Brown Door

6. Privet Drive

Little Whinging



She didn’t know what this thing was. She showed it to the people who she knew would give her up soon. As she read their faces while they scanned the emerald writing on the envelope, she understood she was going to be sent away again. But for once in her life, she couldn’t wait to reach her destination.

    The people she temporarily lived with sent her up to her room to open the  envelope and pack. When she was finished, she packed the little she had in a large suitcase. She stepped down the stairs as her suitcase jumped off every step. She reached the floor and started for the front door. The people she temporarily lived with stopped her before she could reach the door.

    “Now are you sure you want to go to this place? It’s completely full of freaks.”

    “I’m going,” she said as harsh as she could. “If these people are freaks, them I’m a freak, too.”

    They opened the front door and headed for the car. Because Salina was the last out, she slammed the door of the house. This place she was going to, this school, maybe she could finally find a place where she belongs, she could finally have a permanent home.

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