The Diary of A Directioner



1. Entry #1

Well, I've got to say, being sick sucks. Majorly. So, I have decided to enter the Dear Diary contest! It looks really fun! The sad part is, I might not get update often, but I'll try my best. 

Off the sad note, if you want to follow me on Wattpad, my username is @SheIsGirlAlmighty. I have 'A Shadow In The Light' posted on there as well. To add on to the Wattpad books, I have a few others including a song journal! If you want, please check it out!!


Whoa ready for Valentine's??!! Meeee!!!! Okay then... weird outburst...

Yeah I know I'm super weird so please bear with me when I say, I'm super duper oblivious to a lot of things. Hmmmm.......

Should I do an entry of Q & A or a About Me filler?


Welp I'm sorry to end here but I have to get ready for school so baiii and be safe and happy!! 

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