Becoming the New Boy?? or Girl??

This is all about me...
Who I am...
What happend to me...
And what I do everyday and how i feel inside


1. Just A little Girl crying in her sleep to be a boy

At night I think 'I feel like a boy sometimes'

yes i wear makeup like a girl

but there is boys who do wear makeup

yes i wear girl like cloths but actually thats only for HUGE events. I usually just wear Leggings and shirts. Im differnt i see myself as a them,they and it sometimes. I just feel what would my boyfriend think. Would he still date me if I looked a lot more like a boy. Would he care about me still. Would he still love me. I think this when I think about being a boy. I feel like im dieing inside and I wish He could help me. Help me fugure this out but I feel he has enough stuff on his plate. So I will keep my mouth shut till I know what to do.

At night i cry thinking that everybody will hurt me if I say I want to be a boy. That Im trans. I dont want anymore pain. I dont want anymore sarrow. Im scared of the past. Im scared  what will happen next. If anyone can help It would be nice. Im scared of fear

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