The Six Sisters (Book 1)

How can you trust anyone when you can't trust your own sister?
This is the question five sisters must face as they are forced to deal with the consequences that their eldest sister, Phoenix, has left them, after their parents mysteriously disappear. Phoenix doesn't help by running away, leaving the sisters with no guide, no parents, and a broken family to mend.
The worst part? Phoenix is still out, roaming around the woods that surround their home, possibly plotting to take her sisters out next. In a deadly game of who-can-catch-who-first, the five sisters must discover what their parents (and Phoenix) had been keeping from them, before the sixth sister destroys them all.


1. Prologue


Thunder and Lightning.

That's what sounded in the sky when the youngest, and the first to wake up, creeped out of the room shared by the six. She knew what was causing the smell of burning; she just didn't know why her sister was on fire, or what she was setting the heat on for that matter. When Blue Jay saw the smoke crawling up the staircase, she immediately ran back into the room, her heart slamming, not even stopping to notice her parents' empty room.


That's what blew through the empty house, searching for her mother, father, and oldest sister. Blue Jay had came and waken up her other four sisters what she had found; which was ultimately smoke and nothing else. None of the girls could breath through smoke, not like their eldest sister, and none of them really wanted to go downstairs, so Sparrow sent her wind down, feeling whatever it felt, knowing what touched it; which was everything. Her older sister, the two kittens who had escaped from their room, the dust that lie on the book shelves. Everything. Except her parents...


That's what the third youngest was able to control, and that's why she was the only one who didn't immediately worry about what was going on downstairs. She was never one to fear her sister's fires; she could put it out just as simply as her older sister could create it. But, she sent down a stream of water anyways as a precaution, ready to douse her sister, or, sisters. Either way, Chickadee just wanted to go back to sleep.


That's what crept along the windows when the smoke stopped. The five sisters huddled back together in the center of their shared bedroom, the second eldest lighting an oil lamp that was suspended in the middle of the room, while the third oldest bundled herself up. Scared out of her hide, Robin accidentally worried a bit too much when she heard footsteps trail up the steps; were the weird people coming for them? Would her purple tennis-shoes come out of the washer unstained?


That's what shook when the eldest sister came through the door.

"What's going on?" Blue Jay asked her, as the red haired, blue eyed sister came in, the ice Robin had casted on the wooden walls melting away into nothing.

"What're you doing?" Chickadee moaned as the redhead stalked further into the room, tripping over the half-asleep Chickadee. 

"Hey, where are Mom and Dad?" Sparrow demanded, wondering what her winds had picked up on.

"Why aren't you talking?" Robin squeaked, staying by the door.

"Answer us!" Raven said, stomping her foot as the eldest sister opened a window. A slight tremor shook throughout the Nook, swinging the oil lamp back and forth, as Raven glared at her older sister. A plant, impossibly tall, stalked through the second floor window, wrapping itself around the eldest sister's arm as she turned away from the opened window. But the plant incinerated the minute it touched the redhead's skin. Raven practically growled at her sister; how dare she burn one of her flowers?!

The eldest girl faced her five younger sisters, and looked down at her scorched hands. How could her younger sisters deal with it? A wicked grin came across the eldest sister's face as she rethought that: they had all been born on the same day, and the only thing that separated them was the hour they came. Yet she was still the oldest. The one responsible.


That's what burned behind Phoenix as she ran through the meadow, into the South Forest. It's what lit the trees on fire as the heat came off Phoenix's body. It came at such a rate it surprised Phoenix her hair hadn't incinerated off her, falling between her running feet.

Of course, the forest and meadow the girls use to play in wasn't the only thing on fire, wasn't the only think burnt to the ground. The five younger sisters left behind in the Nook were standing around their ash filled living room, the only thing still burning was the fire place; and their anger towards Phoenix.

But there was one other thing, still burning in the back of all of the six sisters' heads. The only words Phoenix said, before sprinting away, disappearing into the flames only she could withstand.

"Mom and Dad are gone."


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