Kick Or Kiss?

*Previously known as 'The Worst And Best Summer Of My Life', only the cover and title are new*

Maybe I should've kicked him instead of kissing him that day.
Hi, I'm Wendy and I got dumped by the love of my life 'cause I'm an inch shorter than the school's slu--
Oh, I'm sorry, I mean the school's dustbin, Stacey.
My crush's brother hates me and has decided to make life hell for me. Oh you know, same old, same old.
So, now I have decided to get over my ex, survive my crush's brother and not fall in love again.

Seriously, how hard can that be?


1. Introduction



Hi, this is my very first publish. I hope you like it, if not just don't hate me. Peace.

And this is a new book altogether! THE PREVIOUS VERSION IS GONE.

I've started a new *happy* story now, if you would like the older one continued please do let me know.


A huge thanks to @[rosexdagger] for the cover of this movella!

You can also get one for your movella here:


Characters (Just to give an idea of what the they look like; they DO NOT look exactly like the celebrities):

Wendy Worth- Lilly Collins

Charles Worth- Pierce Brosnan (With a stubble)

William Worth- Chad Michael Murray

Willow Worth- JoJo Kushner

Jace Richardson- Alex Pettyfer

Gabriel Woods- Francisco Lachowski

Michael Woods- Matt Bomer

Charlie Rivera- Gabriella Wilde


Previous cover & Cover Store:




*Previous title: The Worst and Best Summer of My Life

By: @[Infinite_Exho]


Read and (hopefully) enjoy! 

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