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Liam is in a rut. His unforgiving friend, Marcel, blames him for the accident that night a year ago. He's alone and miserable. But when he meets the energetic and lovable Emily Lewis, who has conquered troubles of her own, his life is filled with love and happiness again. This is their story.

This is my first story and I hope you all enjoy =)


1. One Thing

~ Liam's P.O.V. ~

  Never have I ever been so completely smitten with someone. Especially someone as beautiful as my Emily. My Emily. I still can't get over the fact that she's mine. Just a few months ago I was alone and miserable. Now I'm happier than ever and all that had happened that horrid night a year ago was behind me. I could look back on my memories with him without feeling guilty. Now I'm able to enjoy life with my friends and Emily and not dwell on the sorrowful things of the past. All thanks to my Emily.

~ A Few Months Earlier ~

   Liam was walking down the halls of Riverview High, a small school in a small town, minding his own business when he heard the all too familiar sound of a body colliding with the lockers. What he saw didn't surprise him. It was Clark picking on Marcel, again. Liam interfered, again. Marcel brushed him off, again.

  "I don't need your help, Liam," his squeaky voice threatened. His perfectly gelled hair was tousled and his bright, green eyes burned into Liam's so fiercely that it made Liam cringe. Then his tall, lanky frame walked off. Liam sighed and walked off in the other direction. Why couldn't Marcel forgive him? It was an accident. He didn't meant to hurt Zayn. It was his fault and he's the only one to blame. Marcel would never forgive him, and neither would he. Too lost in his sad thoughts Liam didn't notice the girl walking in his direction. The two collided and the girl fell flat on her bum. Liam knelt down and picked up all her papers while apologizing over and over again.

   "My glasses," she said. "Where are my glasses?" she asked as she blindly crawled on her knees looking for them.

   "Umm," Liam looked around saw them on the ground. He picked them up just in time before someone's boot crushed them. "Here."

   As the girl put on her glasses Liam couldn't help but stare at her. Her dirty blonde hair was tied messily on top of her head and she had a pencil sticking out of it. Her black, wide rimmed glasses settled on her small nose and behind them were the most beautiful eyes in the world. They were a dark, emerald green that Liam was lost in. She had a white mark on her eyebrow that twitched whenever she moved her brow. She had golden, tan skin and her smile brightened up the world. Liam had to pick his jaw up from the ground, she was gorgeous.

    "You done staring?" an Irish accented voice interrupted. Liam looked up and saw a mean looking leprechaun staring down at him.

    "Err, here," Liam said awkwardly as he gave her back her books after Niall helped her up. He knew Niall, but he swear he had never seen her before. How could he forget someone as beautiful as her? 

  "Thank you," she said offering a smile and Liam's heart soared. His throat dried up and he managed to nod in reply before walking off. Was that Niall's girlfriend? Of course she was. Someone like her obviously has a boyfriend. Maybe friends? He couldn't do that to Niall. If he was friends friends with her he wouldn't be able to stop himself from falling for her. Besides who would want to be friends with him after Zayn? She may not know, but she would soon. Someone would tell her. 


    OMG! Her mind screamed at her. She had just made a complete fool of herself in front of Liam Payne. Emily had the biggest crush on Liam ever since first grade when he gave her a red lollipop, her favorite, after Clark pushed her off a swing. And after she made a fool of herself Niall came in and made it worse. She swatted his arm. 

     "Owww!" Niall whined sarcastically.

     "That wasn't nice," she told him.

  "What?! He was totally drooling over you," Niall said as he rolled his eyes. Niall felt the need to protect his little cousin, especially with all that had happened with her old one. He didn't want to see her hurt again. It was nice of him to move from Ireland to come here and watch over her, but it annoyed Emily, just a wee little bit.

  "But it was Liam," she whined. Her eyes widened in realization of what she just said and she clamped her mouth shut.

  "And," Niall pressed. Emily's face was heating up at her confession and she walked off. Niall was hot on her heels.

  "You like him, don't you?" he asked with wide eyes. Her face gave it away and he knew. "Oh my gosh my little cousin has a crush!" he cried.

  "Niall!" Emily cried. "Shut up," she swatted his arm.

  "Hmmmm," Niall mused. "Liam Payne. My cousin has a crush on Liam Payne."

     "Ha! The real question is why not?" she said dreamily. "I mean he has the most beautiful face ever. His eyes are sooooo dreamy and he's so nice and attractive. He looks just like David Beckham, so he's obviously handsome." 

     "You can't just like someone based on their looks, Emily. Remember Max?" Niall said turning the conversation into a serious one. Emily looked down.

     "I know that. I want to get to know him first," she reasoned. Max was a huge mistake and she didn't want to go through all that again. But Liam wasn't like that. She knew it.

    The bell rang and Niall swung his arm around her shoulders. "Well my little cousin I want you to be happy. And if you think he will do that then go for it." Then they walked off the class.






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