So often I see mumbles of people being downers on the site. I think it's time to cheer up~ :D


1. Introduction to SMILE

Hello, all you wonderful people out there! :D

My name's Willow Angel, it's an absolute pleasure to have you reading this!

Let me tell you a little anecdote on why I decided to start this Movella! :D


So, I've been  having a bit of a rough time recently (meaning I've been descending into the darkness of depressive emotions), but today was kinda strange. I woke up feeling very happy for some reason - one of my friends says the same (thanks, mate~).

So, I've decided to make a book where each and every day that I can, I'll make a new chapter with a reason to be happy, and a reason to live!

Whether it makes you smile or laugh or just feel good about yourself, my aim is to make your day just a little bit better! Whether it's a little story of something ridiculous that happened, or a picture, or something along those lines, I just aim to make you smile, even if only for a moment :D


You guys are all wonderful, beautiful and amazing people (yes, I mean YOU, lovely reader~) and I want you to feel that way ^~^


Have a super duper day~


-Willow Angel xx <3


PS: If anyone wants to chat privately, here's a few of my social networks you can hit me up on:

Willow_Angel on Wattpad
@thesketchofit on Twitter

I hope to see you in my inbox <3

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