Adopted (5SOS Fanfic)

Denise's life was great until one night that all changed and she was forced to live in an orphanage. Will someone ever adopt her? She believes no one is ever going to adopt her until a certain someone comes along and changes her life forever.


1. Chapter 1

"Denise it's time to wake up" I heard I then groaned then said "I'm up, I'm up" I then opened my eyes and seen my mom there I then said "why mom it's early" "come on you got school" "ugh fine" I then got up and my mom walked out of my room to let me get ready, before I continue I should probably tell you a bit about myself. Well my name is Denise, I'm 17 only child, I'm 5''1', I have brown hair and brown eyes and that's pretty much all there is to it. When I finished putting on this lame school uniform on I got my school bag and headed downstairs when I got downstairs I went to the kitchen to have some breakfast as I was walking to the kitchen my dad said "good morning Denise" "morning dad" "how did you sleep?" "I slept good" "that's good" "well after you eat I'll take you to school" "okay" I then sat at the table and my mom brought me my food and I began to eat. If I'm being honest I love my life I'm close to my parents both of them actually, I don't have any problems with them or anyone. Once I finished eating I put my plate in the sink and got my bag then said bye to my mom then my dad drove me to school, when he dropped me off I said bye then went into school when I walked in I went straight to my locker to get my books that I was going to need as I was walking I heard my name being called I looked to see my friend Melissa walking up to me when she caught up to I said "hey Mel" "hey so did you see then new kid?" "we have a new kid, since when?" "since today" "oh and no I haven't seen him I just got here not to long ago" "oh now I wouldn't be surprised if you had to show him around" "why you say that?" "because you my friend are like loved by the principal" "what does that have to do with me showing the new kid around?" "you showed the last  new kid around" "only because I had first period with her" "true" "so how does this new kid look like?" "he's cute oh lord he is" "probably a fuck boy" "aren't they all fuck boys?" "maybe not all the time" "true" "so how are you and Alexander doing?" "we are good" "when is he coming back from America?" "this weekend" "that's good" "I know I miss him" "I bet" "look that's the new kid" I then looked to where Melissa was looking at and I seen this guy around my age he looked like a fuck boy but that didn't mean he was one and he was cute like really cute ad he was also coming our way I then said "he looks like  fuck boy" "right" "I don't want to be here" "why?" "I want to be home sleeping" "me to"

As me and Melissa were talking someone then said "excuse me" I then looked to see the new kid there I then said "um hi" "hi um can I get right there please that's my locker" I then moved then after he put his things away he said "um by any chance do you know where room 205 is at?" "oh yeah that's my class I'll take you" "thanks" then after I got my books from my locker we started to walk to class as we were walking Melissa said "did you hear that the boys are going to be in town this weekend?" "yes I did then there shows are next weekend" "even though it's so close to the date do you think your going to go still?" "I don't know I hope I do I've been telling my parents but if I don't there's always next tour" "true very true" "we should try to like meet them like that day let's go to the arena like early in the morning and see if we can meet them" "oh yes we should" When we had got to class Melissa said "I'll see you later" "okay bye" I then walked in and the new kid went to go talk to the teacher while I went to go take my seat in the back of the room. Once class began the teacher introduced him and since the only empty seat was next to me that's where he sat. Hours later when school was finally over I said bye to Melissa and began my walk home which wasn't a far walk. When I got home I walked inside and when my mom seen me she said "hi love" "hi mom" "how was school?" "the usual" "still boring aye?" "yes very" "well your almost done so be happy" "I know" "well your dad said to tell you sorry for not being able to pick you up he had to stay at work a little late" "that's fine I don't mind the walk" "you do love walks" "I do" "hahahahahaha" "well I'm going to get started on my homework" "okay I'll call you when dinner is ready" "okay" I then went up to my room and began to do my homework a few hours later when I was done I put everything away and went to go shower well I didn't go shower I went to go relax in the bath tub considering that school has been so stressful and I just wanted to relax a bit but that didn't last long because my mom knocked on the door saying dinner was ready so I got out and changed and dried my hair then went downstairs to eat as we were eating my dad said "me and your mom are going out of town tomorrow for  couple of days do you want us to get you a babysitter?" "no, I'm not a baby anymore dad I can take care of myself silly" "hahahahahaha alright no babysitter" my mom then said "we are going to leave money for you incase you want to go out with friends or whatever" "okay" After I was done eating I went up to my room and got my laptop and went on Twitter I then began to get tired so I laid down and eventually fell asleep.

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