Running For Perfection

Lily Carter doesn't love herself. She hates her body and isn't happy with it. So what does she do? She changes herself. She eats healthier and runs.
While on a run she meets Harry Styles, a cross country superstar.
They only see each other once a day when they go on their runs and they build a friendship.
But what happens when a girl and guy become friends? They will eventually fall in love.


1. My Body

   I'm a potato. My hips are wide and enormously noticeable. I have a baby pouch and I'm only 15! My thighs are huge and jiggle when I run, so do my bat wings. I can feel my butt do the same. I have love handles that, no matter how big of a shirt I wear, can always be seen. I have a small double chin and round baby cheeks. My mom says I'm curvy, Rachel says I'm big and beautiful and Meghan Trainor says that boys like a little more booty to hold at night. 

   But they don't Meghan. They don't like, and I quote, "A fatty patty." Not only is my body huge, but my hair and eyes are to. Everything about me is big. Big brown eyes and big, wild curls. 

   "Women get their hair done to have curls like you," my mother says. I love her so much. She tells me that I'm beautiful and I don't need to change for any one. I agree with her. No girl should have to change her body in order to please a guy. That's not the reason why I want to lose weight.

   I want to lose weight because I don't love myself. I don't like the rolls of fat on my stomach. I hate the pear shape of my body. I hate my jiggle butt and thighs. I want to feel and look healthy. I don't necessarily want to be a stick figure. I just don't want rolls and I hate when my thighs slap against each other. I want to look and feel beautiful. I want to love my body and myself. I want to impress me.

     I sat at home planning my workout routine. This summer I'm focusing on being my best healthy and confident self. My schedule is to run in the morning and night, eat healthy and workout every other day. I know I'm not going to lose it all in one day, but I need to keep up with it. I have tried doing this before, but I never stuck to it. I need to push myself. When my parents found out why I needed to do this they supported me.

    "Well honey if you don't like what you see then you must fix it," my dad said. 

    My mother wasn't in love with the idea of starving myself so she decided to help me come up with healthy food choices. I need to do this for me. 

    I would start tomorrow, Monday, and to be honest I was a little excited. I was starting a new lifestyle and it would keep me busy in the summer especially since Rachel would be out of town the whole summer visiting her grandma in Riverview. She was against me doing this because she thought that she could see right through me and that ultimately I was doing this because of guys. 

  "I just don't want you to hurt yourself in the process," Rachel told me a few days before she left. She would never understand though. She was gorgeous and she didn't have to worry if her butt was too big or if she looked fat in an outfit. But I appreciated her concern.

    That night I dreamed of all the things I could do. I could play my favorite sport without worrying if the crowd could see my thighs jiggling. I could wear a dress without worrying if it hugged my love handles. People would think of me as, "Oh Lily? Yeah she's the bomb diggity," not, "Ooooh the fat girl?"

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