The Light of My Life

It's the destination that counts. We'll do anything to reach it. The story of a girl sneaking out to see her true love.


1. The Light of My Life

  The Light of My Life

      Under the warm, comfy covers lied a young girl. Her wild, auburn curls splayed out on her white, satin pillow; her big, bright, blue eyes scanned her plain room. It consisted of a tall, stately bookshelf filled with all the books she had obtained through her short sixteen years, a small desk, and one teeny, little box containing the only clothes she owned.

    The moon peeked through her curtain bare window illuminating her fair, freckled face. All was quiet in her room. The only sound that could be heard was the light snoring floating into her room from her mother’s across the hall. If her mother had the slightest idea of what the young girl was about to do she would go ballistic!  

     For the past two weeks she had been thinking about sneaking out to see her true love. Her mother had forbidden her to go out and see him at night saying that he was not good for her and would ruin her, but how could something so beautiful inside, be so sweet yet be so terrible for her? Sure every time she returned from seeing him her belly grew a bit, but there was no harm done.

    She closed her eyes and bit her lip in concentration going over the pros and cons in her mind. Pro: she could see her true love again. Con: her mother was a light sleeper and could wake up at any moment. Pro: she could taste his delicious contents again. Con: her mother would kill her.

     In order for her to make it she would have to be quieter than a church mouse. If she were caught who knew what unspeakable punishments her mother would concoct, but it was a risk she was willing to take. What wouldn’t you do to see your true love again? Even if it was just to catch a glimpse of him!

    She gently pushed back her covers and left the warm cocoon of her sheets. The cool, night air enveloped her tiny frame and goosebumps appeared as the air tickled her limbs. She gently placed her bare feet on the cold, hard ground and tip toed toward the door.

    Task number one: open the door without waking mother. Unfortunately the door to her room had to be the loudest, creakiest one in the house. With bated breath she slowly opened the door. Her eyes closed and she winced whenever the door made a small squeak. She opened it just enough for her to slip through and enter into the hallway. She stared down the dark hall. Her mother’s room was to the left of her and her snores had stop.

    The girl’s ocean blue eyes flooded with panic and alarm. Her heart beat erratically while her body stood as still as a nun in church. She heard her mother climb out of bed and walk towards the door. The girl held her breath as it all seemed to happen in slow motion. When mother reached the door she closed it. She heard her mother shuffling back to bed and she continued her snoring. The girl let out a breath of relief. That was close!

    Task number two: DO NOT STEP ON THE LEGOS! Her little brother loved legos along with all sorts of trinkets and odds and ends. They littered the hall making her task almost impossible. Maybe it was God’s way of telling her not to sneak out in the middle of the night and disobey her mother. No! She firmly told herself. Her mother had deprived her of it far too long. She would have him.

    She had to navigate through the mess in the dark. Luckily she could make out the faint outlines of the toys and furniture and somehow avoid the painful obstacles. On her toes she carefully waded through the hall. She smiled to herself as she was successfully not stepping on the toys, but she spoke to soon. She clumsily placed her foot on a jack! She hobbled and leaned against the wall as the indescribable pain made her bite her lip hard as to not let out the scream bubbling in her throat.

     “In,” she whispered as she breathed in. “And out,” she breathed out. After a few minutes she was able to continue her quest. She was halfway down the hall. Her mouth watered at the thought that she was so much closer to him. She then completed obstacle; toys in the hall, and let out a sigh of relief. All she had to do was walk through the living room and she was there. She could see him again.

    It was a piece of cake. When she reached the white door butterflies erupted in her stomach. She had come all this way, through thick and thin, blood and pain and now here he was right in front of her. He was plain and very, very white on the outside, but it’s the beauty underneath, it’s what’s on the inside that she loved about him. All the gifts he held inside of himself only for her, that’s all that matters. He was plain and boring on the outside, but inside he was heavenly.

    She opened the door and was bathed in his brilliant, white light. A choir of angels sang a chorus in her head as her eyes adjusted to the angelic light emanating from him. This was the light of her life, the contents of her true love, the refrigerator.

    He was all she ever needed. He was always there for her to comfort her. The one thing she loved the most about him was his endless, supply of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.

   She grabbed the container and a spoon and traveled back to her room where she indulged in one of the many things her true love always had for her.



This is my entry for my school's writing contest. I just turned it in and I would love to hear your thoughts on it =).

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