My Destined Love

He is my soul mate. We were meant for each other. It may be hard, but we will always have each others back. He will be there for me and I will be there for him. Forever and always, My Destined Love...


1. Wakey

"Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!" someone screamed off to my right.

"What?" then I was hit with the smell of eggs and bacon. Thanks to my heighten senses I could also smell strawberry mango smoothies, yum! I got up and got dress, then did my hair, I had done my nails last night. 

"Happy birthday pup" is what I was greeted with from my dumb brother when I got done stairs. He stood up and gave me a hug. Even with wedges on he's still four inches taller than me at 5'11. I'm 5'4 and 5'7 with my wedges on. "16 man I remember that day."

"Ya that because you finally found someone to keep you in check! Speaking of keeping you in check were did your mate go?" I looked around for Ariel.

"I'm right here Skylar." Turned around and saw my very pregnant sister in-law. "Jake for got your present in the car and so I went to go get it for you."

"THANK! Can I open it PLEASE!" She laughed and then wince because my little nephew kicked.

"Of course you can." My brother, Jake, can up and said as he bent down to kiss Ariel's stomach. I can't wait to find my mate and have him treat me like my brother treats his mate. "Are you going to open it or stand their daydreaming about your mate." I tore the present open. OMG there's three gift card: one to Pink, another to Vans, and the last one to Suzy's Swirls. Yum maybe I'll take my mate there. 


"Guys, come eat so we can head over the pack house!" Every year on my birthday the Alpha throws a pack party. He throws it on my birthday because its like a party for me and memorial for my dad. My dad was our packs best warrior and he died saving the Luna and their son, the soon to be Alpha. The girl who mates with him is so lucky. His mama taught him right. Plus he's beautiful. Welp time to eat.

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