I'm A Moreau

Riley is on the run. She goes to Meal Caffrey for help, but when she says who she is Neal shuts down. Can Peter, Mozzie and Sara help or has she lost the person closest to her sister?

This is inspired by the TV show White Collar. I own none of the characters other than Riley.


1. One - Who Am I?

This was it. I was sure this is where Neal Caffrey lived. I knocked on the door. You've been running for two years... This is worth it... It will end soon. I repeated this over and over until a black, elderly woman came to the door. I immediately regretted my decision.

'Can I help you dear?' She looked at my dirty, black hair and torn clothes. 'Are you okay?'

'Does - Does Neal Caffrey live here?'

'Uh... Yes, but he isn't here. Would you like to wait in here for him?'

'No, no. I'm fine. I'll wait here.'

'Don't be ridiculous. Come in. Don't want to leave you waiting in the cold!' She grabbed my arm to pull me inside. I flinched, pulling back and reaching to my belt for my knife.

'I'm sorry, dear. I didn't mean to scare you.'

I pushed the knife back into my belt, hoping that she didn't see it. If she did she didn't say. The woman stepped back and gestured for me to go in. I slowly entered and immediately began planning escape routes.

'Mozzie is upstairs.' She began, walking up the grand staircase in the large mansion. 'He is a friend of Neal's. You can stay with him until Neal is back.'

We reached a white door and the lady knocked.

'Enter.' A man's voice came from inside. The door opened.

'Mozzie! I need a favour!'

'June! Of course, anything for you!' The man was short and balding.

'Can you look after this young lady until Neal gets back?' June ushered me into the room. I couldn't see her face, but Mozzie looked at her and his face became concerned.

'Of course. Come in.'

'Thank you, dear.' June backed out of the apartment, shutting the door behind her and I felt trapped instantly. I looked round, taking in more escape routes.

'Would you like me to ring Neal?' Mozzie asked. I shook my head. 'Do you have a name?'

I just stared at him. I stayed standing by the door, ready to run.

'Do you even talk?' I nodded. 'Are you going to say something?' I shrugged. Mozzie came over.

'Listen. Neal can't help you if you don't talk.' He grabbed my arm, just like June did. I kicked his leg and ran to the other side of the room. Mozzie looked up at me and I pulled out my knife, shaking.

'Okay. Listen, put the knife down. I'm gonna ring Neal so that he can help you. You're obviously spooked about something.'

I fell to my knees in a corner, still holding on to my knife. Mozzie picked up his mobile and dialled a number.

'Neal. You need to get here. Okay. Yes, well that is a good choice on her point as there is a teenager here. Yes. She also has a knife. Okay. She kicked me. I don't care. My leg hurts. No. What? She isn't going to do anything with a suit here! She needs help. Fine. See you in ten.' He hung up and looked at me. 'Neal's on his way.'


I was sat in the same place when two men burst into the apartment. One was quite young, the other older.

'Mozz?' The younger of the two shouted. Mozzie stood up from his seat on the couch.

'I'm fine. She's in the corner. Has been since I rang you.'

The older guy had a gun out. I pulled the knife closer to me. All three walked towards me.

'Hey.' Said the younger man. 'I'm Neal. You've met Mozzie and this is Peter.' I looked from Neal to Peter. Neal leant down. 'Are you okay? I hear you haven't really said anything. Can you tell me your name?'

'Riley.' I said, quietly.

'Okay,' Neal replied, 'You're British?'

I shook my head, 'I've just lived there for a decade.'


'What are you doing alone in New York?' Peter asked, suspiciously. I pulled back further.

'Peter. Let me sort it.' Neal held his hand out for me to take. I didn't move. 'Can I have your knife?'

I held it out. He took it and gave it to Peter, who put it on the table. 'Would you feel better talking in a more private place?' I nodded. 'Peter. Can we use an office?'

'I don't see why not.'

'Thanks. Would you like to come with me to the FBI offices so we can talk?' I shrugged and then nodded. Neal stood up and offered me his hand again. I didn't take it, but pushed myself up. 'Mozz, are you okay to stay here?' Neal asked.

'With pleasure.'

Peter walked in front of me and Neal was behind me when we walked out of the large house and to a black car. I was reluctant when it came to getting in, but Neal assured me I would be fine.

We reached the FBI headquarters about fifteen minutes later and Neal took me to Peter's office. Peter sat down opposite me and Neal was next to me. I looked into my lap.

'So, Riley, are you here on holiday?' Peter asked. I shook my head. 'Have you moved here?' I shook my head again.

'You've run away.' Neal said, quiet enough so only I could hear. I looked at him. I nodded, slowly and reluctantly.

'What was that?' Peter stared at Neal.

'She's run away.' Neal put his hand on mine. 'How old are you, Riley?'

'Almost fifteen.' I whispered.

'Are your parents not worried?'

'If they were they wouldn't have left me.'

'What do you mean?' Peter asked.

'That's why I sound British. I went on holiday to England ten years ago. Just me, my parents and my sister. They left me in the hotel. I don't remember much. I guess my sister went with them...' I trailed off.

'Have you come here from England?' Neal asked, watching me intently. I nodded. 'Foster parents?' I nodded again. 'Did they have any other kids?'

'There was a few of us.'

'Did you not think on how they would feel?' Peter asked, getting angry. I shrank back feeling tears prick my eyes.

'Hey!' Neal sounded just as angry. 'Peter, stop!'

'I - I left like... Maybe, two years ago... They probably think I'm dead.' I was shaking and crying now. Neal gestured to Peter to stand outside. I could hear them talking about me. Neal was telling him to be nicer and not be so angry. When they came in I started to talk again.

'I shouldn't have come. I'm sorry. It's just I was worried. My sister used to write to me about things and around three years ago she stopped. And I don't know why. I came to find her. I waited a year, being hopeful, but she never sent me another one. So I ran away. And I don't know... I just needed to get away. The family I was with was horrible.'

'Okay.' Neal said, looking sympathetic. 'Who is your sister? We can help find her.' I took a shaky breath.

'Her name is Kate. Kate Moreau.'

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