April Fools!!

April Fools ...... I'm not in love with you.

William Carlisle is a sweet, kind boy who is on Riverview High's Varsity Football Team. His friends, who are total players and jerks, peer pressure him into asking out Lily Carter as an April Fools joke.
Lily Carter is a bookworm who is in love with Ashton Irwin and has several book boyfriends. She also has a crush on William. She's sweet and innocent and deep down in William's heart, he likes her.
It's a prank gonna wrong and leaves a poor girl in tears.


1. ~ The Big Game ~

     "Alright boys this it!" Coach Winslow said. "You win this game and you'll be the town heroes! Lindon will no longer be the top team here! Now our fans here are counting on us. Let's not let them down men! Tonight we're the champs!"

   All the boys cheered and shouted excitedly. They were hyped up, they were gonna be the team to put a stop to Lindon's reign.

   "Now Curly!" Coach Winslow addressed the quarterback. "I want you to look out for Carlisle and pass to him, got it!? Now go into battle men!"

   They roared as they ran onto the field and so did the crowd shouting Riverview's team cheer.

   Coach Winslow held William back and said, "Now kid. Tonight's game is resting in your hands. You catch that ball and you're a hero here! Do your best son I know you can!" William smiled and clapped his coach on the back as he ran back onto the field.

   In the stands stood little Lily Carter. When the two rival teams in the county faced off it was as if she were attending an N.F.L game. Dressed in the teams colors she cheered them on. Especially William Carlisle.

   Ever since fourth grade when he chatted with her about the Harry Potter Books she had the biggest crush on him. As they grew up William grew into a very, very, handsome young man while Lily, well she still looked like she was twelve.

   With warm, caramel skin and deep, brown eyes and soft, brown hair he was easily the school's heartthrob. It didn't help that he had an amazing personality unlike the rest of his friends and fellow heathen, football teammates. He was tall and toned and picture perfect.

   Lily had to stop thinking about him. He was way out of her league. Pretty people belong with each other while ugly people are either alone or get with each other.

   Lily had bright, crystal clear blue eyes and ivory, china doll skin that was as soft as velvet robes. Her dark, thick hair was tied back in a messy French Braid. She was beautiful, but she saw herself differently. She saw herself as a girl with pale, sickly skin and big, crazy, black hair that always got in her face. She was small and cute, she thought she was short and pudgy. Lily knew she had no chance with William, but she couldn't help to fantasize about him.

   The crowd cheered even louder and broke Lily out of her thoughts. As number nine walked out on the field her heart soared. Even in his football equipment he was too dreamy.

   There were 15 seconds left on the clock and the Riverview Lions were down 32-29. A field goal would tie it and they did not want to tie. Curly called out the play then the players got into their ready position. Lily crossed her fingers and said a silent prayer. Then came the snap and William ran down the field. He juked a defender and was wide open. Curly launched the ball and William jumped as high as he could to catch the ball flying high above his head. And with the tip of his long fingers barely caught the ball.

   The crowd launched up out of their seats and screamed their heads off. There was now a few seconds left, just enough time for one more play. They were in field goal position and they could easily tie the game. But the mighty Lions were gonna take their chances.

   "Alright ladies," Curly said. "We're getting the ball to Carlisle. So block for him and Carlisle you better run that little ass of yours and get open for me you got it?!"

   William nodded and the team got back for one final play that could make or break them.

   "C'mon William," Lily whispered as she held her hands close to her chest with a hopeful and confident look in her eyes. He never let her down and he wasn't going to start now.

   "Set, Hut!" Curly cried and William sprinted down and cut back in time to catch the ball and he ran towards the endzone.

   "Go William, go William go!" Lily cried as she jumped up and down in the stands. William ran into the endzone and the buzzer went off! The crowd erupted and the whole team ran to him and dog piled on top of him. Lily screamed and the random girl sitting next to her turned and they hugged each other. The boys won the game.

   Lily, who was in charge of the school paper, was excited to write about the game. She already had so many thoughts swirling in her head. She waited till the crowd slowly slipped away before she walked out to her car.

   William Carlisle and James Rivers (A.K.A Curly) led the team in an amazing game where we defeated Lindon High and taking back the title of best team in the county. We were down....

   "Hey," a deep voice whispered. Lily jumped like a cat that was sprayed by water and landed against her car. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was wide open. When she saw it was none other than William she tried to look somewhat better.

   "Hi," she squeaked.

   He just chuckled and his deep laugh sent shivers down her spine. Oh my gawd, she thought.

   William really liked Lily. She was sweet and always handed out chocolates to everyone on Valentine's Day. She was an amazing writer and he was a huge fan of her column in the school newspaper, but he would never tell his friends that. His friends thought that she was a weird, cat lady who probably lived in the town's library. All in all they didn't like her as much as he didn't like this plan. He really didn't want to do this to her, but peer pressure got the better of him.

   "Lily would you like to...."

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