Finding out that she was adopted, Cilo, searches for her birth mother. But when she find out that her half brother is Calum Hood of 5 Second of Summer. She needs help that’s when she meets Tess a huge fan of the band to help find him and when she does life is never the same for either of the girls or the band.


1. Chapter 1 - Meet the Characters


 About Clio. Clio grew up in a small family. Her best friend was her brother. She's 20 and a goody two shoes, well that was until her brother got famous and left. Ever since then she doesn't care about anything. She is a crazy funky, uncontrollable wild child. When she meets a lost girl named Tess in search of a good friend things take a sudden turn but is it for the best? Or will things go down hill? 


About Tess. Tess who is 19 grew up in a huge family with parents who didn't care. With trouble running in her family at the age of 18 she left and has never looked back. She hides the truth and pain in a bubble personality. When she meets Clio she finds a much need friend; who just happens to be related to her favorite member of her favorite band!


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