Smash Bros the Virtual Blood Bath

A young girl in 9th grade named Amber Delane is a 24/7 gamer. A new boy at school is invited over to her best friend Kayla's house and Amber has no choice but to tag along with another friend Jackson on her way over to Kaylas. When they get there Kayla decides to have them play a very questionable Smash Bros. game on the Xbox. *This is being entered in the gaming movellas competition. This is my first time and I hope it at least is a good story *


1. After school

 After walking out of the school gates I walked down the sidewalk leading out to the main road that takes me half a mile down to my neighborhood.

My light brunette colored hair whipping around my face every time a strong breeze came, my hands with black polished fingernails wrapped around my legend of Zelda drawstring backpack was slung over my right shoulder. As I was slowly walking along I heard a 'meow' noise coming from my left back pocket. Reaching back I grabbed my IPhone 5 and pressed the home screen button. A picture of my best friends Jackson and Kayla appeared, swiping my thumb I onlocked my phone and checked my text messages.

From: Jax

 Hey do u remember that new kid in our algebra 2 class?


yeah. Y?


kayla invited him and she wants us to come 2 her place. Can I pick u up?


k I'm near the front of the school grounds


on my way ;)

I stood near the curb staring down at my black Vans, remembering even though they are a popular shoe brand some of the people at the school are still saying 'what are those to me'. Hearing the rumbling of an engine I looked up at Jacksons silver Chevy pulling up. Opening the door I stuffed my bag into the messy back and plopped in the front seat. 

" Hi Amber did you miss me? " he grinned. " as if I would I just saw you fifteen minutes ago in home room." I teased.Putting on a fake offended expression he said " well then" and started driving. I just giggled slightly at that expression. He looked like a doofus, with his wide green eyes under raised dark brown eyebrows and an ugly frown that caused him to have a slight double chin. 

After grabbing 4 vanilla bean frappés from Starbucks we started towards Kaylas rich suburban neighborhood.


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