The Mirrors Of Tokyo

The mystery of the lady in the mirror, and why she is killing, why does she take the bodies? Who is she? What is she? How many lives will be taken in order to find out her identity? Follow for more updates on new chapters of "The Mirrors Of Tokyo"
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1. Chapter 1: The return

Chapter 1

Hey Ullysa, Miyuki is here and wants to take you into "The Heart of Tokyo", I'm throwing a party and don't want you here, and dads at the office today, can you go? Could you bring Miyuki in for a second I need to ask a few questions before we go. Okay Mrs. Sherlock, Megan walks Miyuki in, sit down in the pig sty that is Ullysa's bedroom. Hi Ullysa, did you wanna go explore Tokyo, I mean you have lived here for two years and still haven't really seen much. Miyuki, its Friday night and I am don't feel like going outside, and I don't like getting up so why should I go? Megan pops her head through the door way, BECAUSE YOU'RE A LAZY LONER WHO NEEDS A LIFE! Okay fine we're going. Oh by the way, do you think Hikaru could come? OH MY GOD YES HE IS THE CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD IM SO JEALOUS OF HIM. OKAY I WONT COMPLAIN IF YOU BRING HIKARU, BRING HIM PLEASE!!! Miyuki giggles, I was going to bring him anyways so I guess this is a compromise. Okay, so you might be wondering "Ullysa why are you such a lazy loner" and "where do you live" and "why do you hate the city so much". Well the truth is that my family and I were stalked and followed by this weird lady, we called her "the lady in the mirror' because we always would see her behind us when we looked in the mirror, she once even tried to stab my sister (which wouldn't be a problem for me because Megan is evil) but she was had physically hurt us multiple times, I even once saw her waiting for me at the bus stop back when I was in middle school, so my dad decided to move back to his home town (where he was raised by his adoptive parents) Tokyo. I don't have a mom, she died while giving birth to me, and Megan blames me for her death so that's kinda why she hates me. Okay you ready Ullysa? Miyuki picks up my coat and hands it to me, I've got a lot of fun things planned for us. Miyuki and I walk out to a little blue mini cooper. Its new, do you like it Ullysa-san? You don't have to add the polite "san" after my name, should I say it after your name, am I supposed to? No its okay, Miyuki unlocks the car and we sit down, these seats are so comfortable, are they custom? Yes they are, I got them made from fleece and added warmers underneath, I also got to customize the color.
Later that night....
"Yeah dad, Miyuki and I had a great time. What did you guys do? We went out to this great sushi restaurant, we went to shopping, we got are picture with the Hatchie statue, and we saw Sakura in a restaurant. What are you doing now? We are at a roller skating park, okay love you, bye". Was that your father? Yeah, it was. Okay, we should maybe head home soon Ullysa, because it is dangerous to be in the city late at night, especially after you told me about the lady in the mirror. That lady has been gone ever since we moved to Tokyo, they only know our Seattle address which is on the other side of the world she won't find us, see I will prove it, I walk over to the sketchy looking bathrooms (which I was terrified of and would normally never go in). Are you sure? There is a anime store only a block away that has a bathroom an- No, I will show you that she is gone for good: I walk into the bathroom, and to my relief it wasn't completely empty, someone else was in the stall next to me. Hello there says the lady in the stall next to me, are you and Miyuki having fun? How did she know that I was with Miyuki? How does she know who Miyuki was? I didn't respond. She didn't say anything either for a while (as in a while I mean 30 seconds) the lady in the mirror is what you call her? Why not, the beautiful lady of mystery in the mirrors of Tokyo? Hmmm, doesn't that sound more mysterious and beautiful as opposed to the lady in the mirrors of Seattle who won't come back for them, or won't find them?  I didn't want to make a scene, and maybe she wasn't the lady in the mirror, she might just be some homeless lady who heard me and Miyuki's conversation. I open up the stall door and head to the sinks, they have out some cheap plastic soap, I rinse my hands in the warm water and try and think about happy things, as I'm about to leave I happen to glance In the mirror, and there she was, standing there, looking at me, blood dripping down her face, on her right arms it was almost like a lions claw, with fur that went up to her elbow, and her left leg was the leg on a lion and it had long claws with dirt stuck between the nails. I had never noticed that she was a cross breed before, it was always covered by black boots and long sweaters. WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHY WOULD SOME STRANGER WANT TO KILL ME, MY FRIENDS, AND FAMILY?! I am not a stranger Ullysa, my identity is closer than you think.... I would go check on Miyuki if I were you. OH MY GOD MIYUKI! I run out of the bathroom, MIYUKI!!! MIYUKI!!! HELP!! I go over to the car to see if she is there, Hikaru is barking wildly, Miyuki is laying on the driver's seat with claw marks all over her face, blood gushing everywhere, and a note "I'm back"  
Written by: Caitlin Rose
Edited by: Ruby Scott
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