This is not a love story

This is not a love story. It’s maybe a story about love, but it is definitly not a love story. This is a history about a boy wih dark brown hair and eyes with the colour the ocean, eyes who could see trough everything, damn, that boy has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.This boy took the pieces of my broken heart and made it whole again. This is a story about tears and smiles, about the best and the worst. This isn’t even a happy-ever-after-story, this is MY story.


2. The day my life stopped being perfect

My name is Isabell, Isabell Stevens to be exactly, and my life was perfect. I had a mom and a dad who loved me, they were the most awesome parents I could dream of. I had a little sister, Lily, she was adorable. She was seven but she acted like she was seventeen, I loved her with all my heart. I still do. I had a boyfriend, Luke; he was the captain of our footballteam, really handsome and kind. He is definitly a great guy. I had good results and I had a future. One with Luke, one with my family. Believe me or not, my life was perfect.


And then there was a carcrash, my life isn’t perfect at all now. My mom and dad died in the car, they died on site. A few houres later, my sister died in the hospital. I didn’t die, but I’m the one who caused their death. My world fell apart. The glass of my snowball broke. I had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks; my leg was broken, some ribs were bruised and one had even damaged my lungs. I couldn’t go to the funeral of my family because I was in a artifical coma. My life is standing still and everyone else was going one with it. They don’t get that I will never be able to smile again, Luke dind’t understand it, so I even lost the last glimmer of happines.I never tought he would be that superficial, but anyhow, 'us' couldn't excist any longer. '


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