Finding Rose

This is a story i wrote because i was bored, i will probably never continue it and it probably wont get many reads idk . this book is a joke dont take this crap seriously.


1. Die and Come back


Disclaimer: don’t take any of this seriously

I was falling towards the end, my life was flashing before my eyes, It wasn’t like anyone cared if I died, I know people say that just to find someone to tell them otherwise but it was true. I was supposed to die 2 years ago, my parents both killed each other, then someone came after me, the only reason why I survived was because I played dead, they fell for it. Everyone though I died, as in everyone I mean those stupid radars who just break in a kill, I was ready for the end, at least I think it’s the end- splat! I fell to the end, or at least I thought it was, I was a ghost, transparent figure looking at my dead corpse on the ground, I began to rise up into the sky, I wasn’t doing it, I rose up into the sky floating towards the clouds oce I reached the top I shut my “eyes” and woke up in place with smiling faces, humans with angel wings, and a large black man sitting on a throne, and I had my body my hair the same, my hands the same, I even still had that ugly zit on my nose.

“Hey baby welcome to heaven!” The big black guy says while stepping down from the large throne

“Where, am I and who are you?” I ask in shock and confusion

“I just said, you’re in heaven baby! And I’m god!” he smiles, Let me show you around, here is the star phone lounge”

“What is a “Star Phone”?”

“You humans down in earth have those pathetic apple and android phones up here in heaven we have star phones fast, thin, and free!”

“I’ve only had a flip phone so I think this will be fun” I force a smile

He bends down and pats me on the shoulder, “I know you have been through a lot, but you can relax, your safe here”

I realize that every bad thing that happens in the real world, don’t exist here, it brings the good, and gives the bad to hell.

“Are my parents her?”

“Of course Rose! Your whole family is here!”

“Can I see them?”

“Of course! But I will save the best for last let me show you everything else we have to offer”

I follow him throughout heaven, it was so beautiful, I felt at peace and unharmed

“Also, 1 second in heaven, equals 1 month on earth”


“Um, Rose, I wil be right back” god says in a upset and worried tone

He comes back a few minutes later

“I seems there has been a mix up”


“Your needed down in earth, your Nina never died”


“Im looking at what’s happening, you are needed, im sending you back”

“But, I-“

“Rose, you must go”

“But wont it be here for almost 6 hours it would be far into the future Nina would be old and forget everything”
“Nina is not my main concern”
“What are you-“ I began falling towards the clouds, I could see the world below me, my body was whole again, in heaven your body becomes almost see through and ghost like, but as I was falling I didn’t feel the sensation of falling, like as a human when you jump from a high place your body becomes lighter than air, and it feels like an eternity, but it’s a sensation that almost hurts, I was just falling, no pain, no sensation, nothing.

I reached the ground feeling no pain, no rush, just Normal. It made a loud “Thump!” It sounded like pain, but it didn’t hurt, I seemed to be the same age as when I died, still a 19 year old girl, same brown hair, same big green eyes, same pail skin that I always was made fun of for, same me. The terrain around me looked destroyed, like a forgotten island.

“Whos there! If its those savages again we have the guard dogs ready!” A boney old women holding a broken broom steps out from the burnt broken trees- she stops dead in her tracks as soon as she makes eye contact with me



“Rose, how, what-“
“I don’t know, I just know I need to do something, is there anyone else who lives with you?”

“There is my son Hilton but he left years ago, there was a tribe with 5 girls 7 boys, they took him in, hes probably dead, hardly anyone survived”
“What do you mean no one survived?”

“This country failed! Death, bombs, destruction! Some people are still living in paradise and they refuse to help! They are monsters” She begins sobbing in her hands “Im not even going to ask why you are still 19”

I try to change the subject “Why did you name your son Hilton?”

“There was a old, run down hotel that I had him in and it was called Hilton, I had no other name ideas so I just went with it”
“Maybe he has a secret twin named Marriot” I joke trying to cheer her up

She ignores the joke and walks back inside

“Wait, Nina where do you think he went?”

“Somewhere far, Rose, somewhere far”

“I bet I can find him, hes probably lost, not dead”
“Not all that wander are lost Rose, not all”

I probably wont continue this but if you want me to let me know :)

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