Turn your tears into dreams

Why Movellas is important to me.

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I lost my hope to be someone.
The only dream I had was to have a dream.


A loneliness in the world full of people.
A loneliness in the family.
A loneliness in own feelings.


Movellas encouraged me to create worlds
By putting my thoughts on paper.


One day the loneliness in the family,
which I used to think was big,
Became a fright of losing my dear.


The agony of emotions.
The inability to share feelings.


Movellas encouraged me to come up with Caesar,
my mute friend – my diary.


I never thought I could write anything –
Writing was never my strong point.


Movellas helped me to express my feelings
By trying to write poetry.


Movellas showed me
The existence of a warm community,
Whom you could share your pain with,
Make it smaller, make it stop
Devouring the heart of the one.


Movellas comes up with ideas
How to inspirit you, try yourself in various things:
Writing, drawing, photographing, shooting,
Which bind into one:


Movellas helped me to find ways
To understand myself better.


It helped me turn some of my tears into dreams,
Which might never come true –
But does the outcome matters?
I'm already happy of their existence,
Of the satisfaction from working with all I have.


I'm proud to be a part
this great community,
Called Movellas.

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