The Devil Of My Dreams- Sequel for "To love a killer"

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE COVER ART IT WAS FREE PUBLIIC ART NOT MINE. Also this is a fan-made sequel to @killerproxy and @XelAlex "to love a killer"


1. Chapter 1- Mercy

Devil of my  Dreams- a extension on Killer proxy and XelAlex’s  “ To love a killer”

Rural Ireland is perfect, the woods go on forever, the people are lovely, and I fall asleep to the sound of flutes playing every night, its perfect. My mother owns a bed in breakfast, the guest sleep in our guest cottage with the best view of the woods. Up in Scotland that we visit often, uncle peter owns a large mansion, we have some other relatives in Germany and in Italy then my cousin Angelina in the US. and my name is Maeve Duff (most call me May) i have brown hair, blue eyes, and I am currently 17 turning 18 in 2 months.

“Maeve will you come here sweetheart?”
“Yes Mother” I run out of my room and down to the kitchen

“What’s wrong Mom?”

“Your uncle peter died yesterday, I got the call last night” she began sobbing, “His will said he wanted us to in heriot his castle”

I was not a crier at deaths, I believed that he was needed by god and it’s a good thing, so I didn’t shed a tear.

“The castle will be a nice change, mother don’t cry god choose him, soon he will choose us” That was soppy and stupid, should have just cried to get no questions.

“Your right May, I should stop, bring the essentials, your father will stay and run the bed and breakfast we all know he was the good cook, I will be coming back for visits often cause of how close it is, there may be sometimes you have to stay home alone if that’s alright”
“Yeah that’s fine, you will just pass through Ballycastle and can boat from there”
“Peter had a plane”
“He was very rich Maeve, but he didn’t have anything terribly big just a smaller one”

“You girls ready?” My father hands some suit cases then hugs us good bye

The Castle 9:00 pm

“Here we are Maeve, where do you want to sleep?”
“The tower” I point to the large tower separated from the castle, the tower had a lot of stairs you could use or there was a Dumbwaiter, he tower had beautiful designs on the ceiling and a king sized bed for me to enjoy.

“Thanks Mother” I hug her as I run to the tower, the tower was kind of far from the house like right by the lake.

I reach my bedroom, the tower had a bathroom another bonus, I throw my crap on the bed and walked around briefly, then I heard a moaning sound of anger coming from the closet.


I noticed a crawl space/ secret passage way in the wall, being me I decided to crawl in, it took me up to a attic with almost 20ft ceilings, and a saw a boy about 18 sitting on the side holding a knife cutting himself. I was so scared I just ran back to the crawl space and back into my closet, I barricaded the door with a plant and locked the closet door.

I decided to forget about it, im probably just missing father with his cooking knife skills, right?

Doesn’t matter.

I take a warm bath and change into some shorts and a bra, it was so hot in the tower. I get out of the tub and lay in my beautiful new bed, then fall asleep.

Tower 2:00 am

I wake up to a large push on my chest, it was the boy, he was back. His knife close to my face with his devilish smile looking at me.

“Have some sweet dreams!”

“Who are you!” I move passed his arm and fall on the ground, I run towards the wall and grab the emergency knife (it’s a family motto always have an emergency knife) then hold it up in front of me

“Who are you!”

“Im Joey, and you are?” he says still eerily

“Maeve, or May and I don’t appreciate you being here!”

“You little Irish gils don’t appreciate anything, I bet those boobs of yours are eating your brain cells” He swings his knife closer to me, locking his arms around me “Sweet dreams” he moves the knife at my head, but stops, an inch away from my head he drops the knife, Why?

He releases his grip and backs up, “Don’t call the police or I will be back!” I could tell he didn’t stop because of the police, he was feeling Mercy.


I don’t own cover art not mine!!!!!!!! And story is based off of “To love a Killer” by Killer Proxy and XelAlex this is a fan made sequel

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