Link x Reader - Together

A thing I wrote for my friend Sally on DeviantArt. Her username in Firework615 and I totally recommend checking her out because her Zelda fics are amazing~


1. Link x Reader - Together

The gentle breeze softly blew your hair away from your face, tucking it behind your elvish ears. It felt almost as if it were caressing you, the contact sending light shivers down your spine. Closing your eyes, you inhaled the fresh air, smiling to yourself. Serene moments like this brought you joy, and you only wished they would last forever. There were no worries, no tears, no pain, no sorrow... Just the perfect view of Loftwings soaring through the azure sky.

Living in Skyloft was spectacular. Everyday promised something new, whether it was learning how to wield a blade in the Knight Academy or helping a kind pacifist monster transform into a human. Weird, right? But nevertheless exciting. How could one get bored, when they lived in such an amazing town above the clouds? It was impossible for everyone. Well – almost everyone.

You, on the other hand, were a complete different story. There was only so much you could do on a floating island, and in the few years you had been living, you had practically done all of it. Heck, you had even thrown yourself off of the edge of the town just so one of the Knights would come to your rescue once. That's what you meant when you said you had done everything – it included even the extreme. You got scolded for it after, of course, but seeing Pipit's cute, angry, yet worried expression made it worth it. There was one thing, however, that brought you even the littlest of joy, and that was day-dreaming. You couldn't help the little questions that popped up in your head.

What's out there?

What's it like?

Is there a place beyond the clouds that's yet to be discovered?

Those were the questions that made your gears spin; the reason that you even bothered to venture out of your house during the day. They were the reason that you demanded to be able to learn how to fight, despite being a female. It was the reason. It was the only reason you needed. Oneday, you would put a stop to your constant questions and daydreams, and you would find out everything for yourself. That’s what you kept telling yourself, anyway. There was always the possibility of you chickening out before that happened, seeing as you didn’t have much in the way of courage. And… What if there wasn’t anything to be discovered down there?! You could fall for years with no hope of anyone saving you, because you would be so far down that they wouldn’t be able to catch up to you. Anyway, Loftwings were too scared to fly beneath the clouds, so how were you even going to get to the legendary “surface” mentioned in all those books you and Zelda read as kids? Besides, even if there was a surface, what would you do after discovering it? Abandon everything and go live there? Would everyone say goodbye to their Loftwings for good and follow you? You didn’t think you could handle bidding farewell to your feathered friend – not forever, anyway. It was like family to you, and there wasn’t a day that you didn’t have it by your side.

A heaving sigh broke the tranquillity of your moment and it caused you to spin around, your gaze fixating on the back of a dirty-blonde haired boy sitting down, legs hanging off the edge of a wooden platform bolted into the floating island.


 It was hard not to notice his slumped shoulders, and you realised he must be upset about something. Wondering if you should check on him or not, your feet started to move in his direction. Then something caused you to stop.

That boy, was Link. Someone that you’d had a crush on since you were kids. He was kind, calm and collected, cool, and all together amazing. He had his downfalls though, and one happened to be his laziness. Then again, who was perfect, right? You could remember how Zelda had to punch him awake at times in Instructor Owlan’s classes, causing you to howl with laughter. Both you and Link always got into trouble for it after, but you didn’t seem to mind, and neither did Link, who would always shake it off with morphing his perfect teeth into a grin. You were pretty close back then, but as time went on, your feelings grew, and since then, you kept a subtle distance. Not a day went by when you didn’t wonder whether you should tell him the truth about how you felt.

Didn’t mean he would accept your feelings.

As much as it hurt, it always felt like the relationship between the two of you wasn’t as strong as the one he shared with Zelda.

Especially when his father disappeared.

You could remember the day like it was only yesterday. Rain poured down from the sky like there was no tomorrow, soaking the land. A hoard of monsters were attacking Skyloft, and the knights were sent into battle. Link’s father, was one of them. The fight was long and fierce, and the stormy weather didn’t help in their favour. In the end, they won, but his father… Did not return. You weren’t there to comfort the boy, either, nor did you know until the next day. Where were you when this was all going on?

Writing a love letter, to the boy who just lost his dad.

The memory was never going to leave your mind or stop haunting your dreams. It would be stuck with you forever. You had waited until the storm had cleared before skipping out of your house, clutching an envelope with a heart seal stamped on it. Grinning once you caught sight of the boy you loved, you ran over – then stopped.

He was kneeling in front of a grey tombstone, crying his beautiful cerulean orbs out. Your eyes widened in shock when you caught a glimpse of his father’s name on it, the words “Missing In Action” replacing what would’ve said “Here Lies” or “R.I.P.”. You were about to run to him but stopped yourself as soon as you saw the blonde hair of your best friend who was kneeling next to him and had her arms wrapped around his torso while he cried into her shoulder. That was when your heart snapped, and you teared the letter up throwing it off the town and watching as the torn up pieces scattered in different directions, never to be seen again. Ever since then, you had kept away.

Link eventually got his smile back, but you never did. Well, it wasn’t what it used to be, anyway.

The boy who stole your affections had questioned your aloofness on countless occasions, all to which you simply responded to with a light shrug of your shoulders. There was no point in getting close to him, especially if you were just going to get your heart trampled upon for the second time. You couldn’t bear the pain of it.

Yet you still found yourself moving towards him.

The soft sound of your footsteps must have alerted him of your presence, and he spun around just in time to catch you sitting down beside him. The words wouldn’t come out of your mouth as you tried to say something, nervousness taking over. This was Link, your childhood friend who you didn’t have any trouble speaking to back then, but now was different. Your vocal chords felt constricted and wouldn’t so much as let out a sound.

Come on, (Name), you can do this…!


You widened your eyes when a sound broke the unnerving silence. That one word, however, didn’t come from your own lips, but the boy sitting next to you, a smile painted on his own.

“H-hi,” you stuttered. “Y-you l-look sad so I-I though you needed c-co—”

“Company?” he finished, grin never leaving him.

“Yeah!!” you yelled, louder than needed. Your cheeks heated up as you covered your mouth in embarrassment. Link only laughed, making you giggle slightly in response. You felt your nerves ease and found yourself able to speak to him normally, like nothing had happened to make you grow apart. “So, what’s bothering you?”

Once again, the dirty-blonde haired boy sighed, before turning to you. The way his blue eyes twinkled made you speechless, causing you to once again realise how handsome he was.

“(Name)… Have you ever wondered… If there’s something out there – beneath the clouds? Maybe a whole new world that we have yet to discover? Faced with dangers far greater than the monsters here that come out at night… Holding treasures beyond our wildest dreams…?”

You smiled, something tugging at your heartstrings when you realised he had the same dreams that you did. “Every single day.”

Link’s smile got brighter, as if upon realisation that someone actually understood him, someone didn’t think he was crazy. Not even Zelda had shared his views on the realm below, but you. You were a different story.

“My dad… Used to tell me stories about the surface,” his voice cracked, “before he…”

You took this as a que to wrap your arms around his shoulders, feeling him stiffen before slowly returning the gesture. He relaxed in your embrace, the pace of his heartbeat slowing back down to what it was before.

“Yeah…” you changed the subject, “Zelda and I used to read about it back when we were kids. She told me the legends of the Goddess Hylia, and the Hero dressed in Green. She used to want to go down there, even more than I did. Nowadays, whenever I ask her about it, she’ll shake it off by calling it ‘some childish fantasy’. It hurts, kind of feels like I’ve lost a friend at times…”

“And here I thought no one understood me,” Link replied, pulling away to look you in the eyes once again. “But you, (Name), you’re different. You want to go see the same things I want to – live the same dreams I want to live.”

You nodded, “yeah.”

“(Name)… I need to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”

He took your hands in his, gulping. “Why did we… Why did we grow apart?”

There it was, the question you were begging to the Goddess he wouldn’t ask. Then again, reflecting back on your childhood, you weren’t exactly one to be lucky.

“I…I…” you began, casting your gaze down to the floor. You wanted to tell him so badly, but at the same time, you couldn’t face the rejection. You were friends, and you didn’t want him knowing how you felt to change a thing. You’d seen it happen before. One would go confess their love for their long-time friend to have them never spoken to by their love interest again.

Never. I won’t let that happen to Link and me, even if that means I’ll never tell him how I really feel.

Link lifted you chin up to face him with his right hand before gripping your left one again.

“It’s okay,” he smiled, “you don’t have to tell me today, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want an answer eventually.”

“Thanks, Link,” you smiled, relieved he wasn’t going to push you into replying, but a newfound worry forming when you realised that someday you would have to tell him. But this was Link, right? He wouldn’t hate you for it… Would he?

“Someday, I’m going to find out what’s beneath this sky,” he grinned, “and you’re coming with me.”

You nodded, “yeah! We’ll find out…”

“Together,” you both said in unison, laughing together at your promise. Everything between the two of you was back to normal and you couldn’t be happier.

Or so you thought.




It had been a few months since you sat down with Link and talked to him for the first time in a while, and things couldn’t have been more perfect between the two of you – well, unless you were dating, but that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. You had started hanging out more, and it didn’t take Zelda long to figure out your feelings for him, constantly teasing you about it and making up ship names.

“What about… (N)ink?” she would say, and you would just laugh.

“That sounds like something you would find in a bathroom,” you would tease, nudging her slightly.

But today wasn’t a time for laughing or having fun, because something terrible had happened.

After Link had won the race and become a senior knight, he and Zelda went riding on their Loftwings. All of a sudden, a hideous and ferocious beast had shot up through the clouds and swallowed Zelda. It left the whole of Skyloft in fear of both her wellbeing and their own. You were scared out of your skin, but Zelda had to be alive! You could feel it… No, she was! She would come back to Skyloft unharmed and everything would be okay… Yeah… Everything would be okay…

To your greatest relief, Link wasn’t swallowed up by the giant man-eating monster and was safe in his own dormitory. He did, however, get a concussion, and now you were fretting to see if he was okay. The Headmaster of the Knights Academy, Zelda’s father, who you liked to call ‘Mr Unibrow’ behind his back, assured you that the boy was going to be okay, and refused to let you see him until he woke up. You knew that he was only doing this so you wouldn’t lose it over worry and grief for Zelda’s possible death, but you couldn’t stand the thought of losing Link too. That cerulean eyed boy meant everything to you, and you couldn’t survive without him.

You were so deep in thought that you didn’t notice the door open. The Headmaster put a hand on your shoulder, the contact startling you.

“Sir?” you questioned, looking up into his kind brown orbs with fear and worry. This was it… The moment you had been waiting for and dreading at the same time. Any minute now and he would tell—

“He’s awake.”

As soon as you heard those words, you dashed into the room, sitting beside the dirty-blonde and hugging him tightly.

“(Name), I—” he winced.

You immediately let go, gasping. “Sorry, Link! I shouldn’t have been so careless!”

“It’s okay,” he smiled.

“How are you feeling?”

“Not good… Zelda—”

“I know,” you cut him off, “but in this situation, she wouldn’t want us to panic, she’d want us to find a way to overcome the fear and find a way to resolve the matter.”

“You’re right…” he was about to get up but you stopped him.

“No,” you stated, “rest.”

He sighed, shifting into a lying down position and wrapping his arms around you, the both of you soon falling asleep.




A sound rang in your ears, like someone talking, though it was hard to make out. It caused you to stir and you soon found yourself waking up in the middle of the night, much to your annoyance. It was so hard to get back to sleep once this happened, and even harder to wake up in the morning. Once again, you closed your eyes, but that didn’t last for long, as they snapped open as soon as you realised something.


Link wasn’t next to you.

You felt the warm space beside you, and you figured that he couldn’t have gotten up long ago. Pulling yourself together, you got up and raced out the door.

(E/c) orbs searched every corner of the town, but you couldn’t find Link anywhere.

He’ll probably come back later.

You reasoned with yourself, turning to go back to the dormitories when someone called you from behind.


“Link,” you replied, spinning around, eyes studying his form. He was now wearing his green knight’s uniform, but what shocked you was the sword he carried on his back. “I-is that…”

“The Master Sword,” he nodded, “yeah.”

“H-how, what.. What are you… Why do you…”

He sighed, knowing that these questions couldn’t be avoided. “Fi, come out.”

“Yes, Master Link,” a monotonous foreign voice answered as a beautiful woman appeared next to him. Your eyes widened in awe. The woman was floating, and a strange blue light encased her form. She couldn’t have been from this world, and the way Link seemed so calm around her shocked you.

“Explain,” you crossed your arms.

“I am a sword spirit, servant of the great goddess, Hylia,” Fi stated. “Your friend, Zelda, is alive, and I am here to help the re-incarnation of the chosen hero find her.”

“No way… Link is…”

“I couldn’t believe it, either,” the boy admitted. “(Name), look; I’ve already spoken with Mr Unibrow about it and he’s allowed me to take time off the Academy to look for Zelda. I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

“I know that, but…” you intertwined your fingers with his, “you promised… That we’d go explore the surface together…”

He gave you a sad smile in response, “I know, but… I won’t be able to concentrate with you there. I know you’re strong, and I know you can take care of yourself but… I’ll just get distracted, and what if something happens to you? It would be too much, and once I save one of you, it would be too late to save the other. I just…I can’t risk losing you, too…”

“I understand,” you gave him a sad smile of your own before sending him off. “Go find Zelda, and bring her back home.”

Link smiled, giving you one last hug until he would return.

“Master Link? We must go now. I sense Zelda’s aura is moving. We have a 50% chance of finding her straight away if we leave now,” Fi reminded him.

“Good luck…” you whispered, slowly backing away.

“(Name), wait!” Link called out to you. You looked up, tilting your head at him. “Just incase I don’t come back… Please tell me why you started ignoring me…”

“Come back unharmed and I’ll tell you,” you felt the words getting stuck in your throat. “Find Zelda and come back home…”

Then he left, taking a piece of your heart with him.




It had been six months since you last saw Link, and worrying wasn’t helping you at all. Pipit made sure to alert you each time he visited, but you wouldn’t go and see him – you wouldn’t until the journey was over, and Zelda was back safe and sound. All this time, you had practically locked yourself in your room. (H/c) hair had grown longer and (e/c) eyes had lost their spark. Everyone at the Academy was so worried about you – even Groose, who promised not to fight with Link for two whole months if you came out, but you wouldn’t listen to anyone. You wouldn’t start living properly again until you were sure Link was alive, Zelda too.

The door to your room burst open and you shot up, finding Pipit panting at the doorway.

“Pip! I told you not to come into my ro—”

“It’s Link. He and Zelda have returned.”

You wasted no time in rushing out the doorway, shouting a quick “thank you!” to Pipit as you ran to the Goddess Statue, where you knew he’d be waiting.

“Link,” you breathed, sprinting forward and embracing him tightly. The sound of his heartbeat was enough to calm your racing one. He was alive. He was safe.

You stayed like that for a few minutes before he finally spoke up.

“Remember when I asked you to tell me why we grew apart and you wouldn’t?”

You gulped and nodded in reply.

“Well, now, you don’t need to.”

He smiled, pulling out from his pocket a worn-out envelope with a faded heart stamp on it. It looked like it had been hastily glued together after being torn apart. You broke away from him, shaking your head in disbelief.

“That’s the… That’s not…”

“I found the pieces scattered across the surface on my journey,” he explained, “so I glued it together and read it.”

You felt tears form in your eyes, “Link, I…”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain anything,” he wiped your tears away with his thumb before kissing your cheek.


“Does that answer your question?” he smiled, to which you giggled in reply.

“I think you’ll have to be a bit clearer~”

He silenced you with a kiss, causing you to widen your eyes as you melted into it.  

At that instant, all of your worries faded away, because you were together with the one you loved, and that was all that mattered.

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