Several words

Several words about the place which Movellas has in my heart.


1. Several words about what Movellas means to me


I've been thinking for several days about what I should write. Why is Movellas important to me? I wasn't sure what was the best way to express the feelings I bore towards Movellas. However, then I realized that there is no 'best way'. I should speak from my heart, try to find words to the feelings I have towards this great community which are difficult to come up with.

Can love, gratitude be described in the mere words to their fullest? No, there is no ideal. However, we, writers, try to climb to this high point, reach the unreachable sky, to tell people how we feel and show them the world.

My activity on Movellas began several months after my registration. I don't remember what was the reason for my registration. At that time, I didn't write anything.

Then a difficult period in my life came. The loneliness pushed me to find something which would occupy me. I was struck with an idea of writing.

English is a foreign language to me. Although I may not… who am I deceiving? I can't express myself as beautifully as in Russian. My writing is stingy on words (but abounding with mistakes like a sea with water). At the same time, the fact that English isn't my mother tongue makes my writing smoother, as thinking in English helps me to organize my thoughts. All the extrinsic words stay behind, not reaching the paper.

I started with a Cell Phone Novel story because specifications weren't my strong point. I wrote the story, wrote and wrote, without the thought to write something else.

One day I decided to click on «Competitions» (we all know where it is), and there was the one in which you needed to write a story in six words. Why not? I decided to try.

It was interesting to write and enjoyable to read. This competition pushed me to try myself in other ones, which were of various genres.

The dairy competition, which was posted in such a right time for me, helped me to the point it can't be described. I've never entered the competition because the things which I told Caesar (my dairy's name) became too personal they could ever be shown to the outside world. However, for two months, which were the most difficult in my whole life, I was writing each day, no matter if these were only the words about how tired I was at the end of the day.

The poetry, lyrics and songwriting competition (the one which was last summer) let me try myself in expressing my thoughts in the form of poetry. One poem, which was written several days before I lost the second person that year and which was finished several days after by adding just one word at the end, even won the competition in the poetry category. To say that I was shocked is to say nothing. That dear to my heart poem was acknowledged. I wish I could have told these two people that I started writing because I had never said them even one word about it.

Soon my writing became more saturated. Writing in English helped me to write much better in Russian. I had absolutely no idea that creating stories in a foreign language can help to improve writing in your mother tongue.

I don't think I would have ever achieved (or at least not in the near future) the level in writing and just in understanding myself, which I have now, if there was no Movellas, no such warm and friendly community, where you feel yourself at home, where its members and direction come up with amazing blog posts and marvellous competitions.

I think, there is nothing greater in the world than to see it through the perspective of a writer. To run to write down ideas, feelings, situations, events, to take a note of words, which you feel like can be useful in the future, can't be compared to anything. Because to create a shape to the emotions inside you is like to catch the storm's tail and put the raging force into a glass bottle.

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